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PGL Major Stokholm 2021
Idc I live in Sweden now and I am so happy I will be able to watch my first major in person
FalleN vs MIBR's Tomi
All those years of people saying shit about MIBR players.. I feel really bad for them. Tomi and Lurpis did them so dirty.
Liquid and Liquid Fans
s1mple is a fan and friend of FalleN, it is so cool to watch them playing FPL together. I do not understand why navi fans are so excited on hating Brazil for no reason.
FalleN did nothing wrong lol dude is the most charismatic and important person in CS history. Brazil is the biggest fanbase of CS in the world thanks to him. Mibr did him dirty.
is MIBR disbanding?
R.I.P I will create another account to support FalleN at Liquid. after knowing a bit of the shit he went through during his tenure at MIBR, he deserves the world for everything he has done for counte...
Wheres Fallen on Liquid?
after knowing the shit he went through during MIBR, needing to cope with the worst CEO/board ever, I just want so bad for him to succeed at Liquid. FalleN deserves it. He did so much for counter strik...
is MIBR disbanding?
basically the CEO and his board of investors were the problem all along. Cogu just went to gaules and told all the truth about how bad they treat their players and offer miserable conditions to work. ...
As a fallen fan
as a FalleN fan, I support your opinion
italy come
Il CSGO è sempre il CSGO. E non importa che la propria squadra del cuore lotti per le prime posizioni o rischi la retrocessione nella serie cadetta. Il tifoso vive di CSGO, fin dal lunedì attende con ...