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He is a much better player now, as shown by his stats for top30 this year
He played at tier 1 LANs back when those were a thing
How to fix FURIA
Then you have 1 god entry, 1 top1 player, and 3 baiters
Liquid Academy when?
They have the money for it but it would only help the 5 players they choose. Stealing talent from NA and sending them to practice in EU would actually just hurt the NA scene probably, unless the team ...
So you write all this about replacing amanek and don't even mention replacing jacks also? oSee + FaNg would be an insane combo on G2. FaNg can play a lot of roles (including entry role which he would ...
IEM fall NA is a joke
That doesn't matter. The tier 1 / high tier 2 brazil scene is based in NA. Only tier 3 teams play in Brazil. The NA scene is not exclusively Americans and Canadians - it is comprised of everyone who c...
IEM fall NA is a joke
Another shit take from one of the dumbest HLTV users!
Video: Kyojin stops Astralis' long take with an ace
Those titles were good, “if you know you know” and if you don’t know then the play isn’t spoiled
EG to showdown
So CoL are screwed right?
blameF is actually a top entry fragger so they only have 2 of the most passive T1 players now
Fallen ADR ???
You said fallen adr and I said what fallen's adr was exactly when I saw this thread
If you commit a crime on a plane
Most people here would consider themselves lawyers