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RIP FC Barcelona
Maybe you did not understand my post. - Coca-Cola started already down before Ronaldo's act (-1,6%) - Coca-Cola price went up after Ronaldo's act. - Coca-Cola closed red compared to the previous day,...
BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent
They didn't "kick" him. They parted ways because the two sides "couldn't agree on the goals", meaning (IMO) he probably expected a bigger and sooner involvement with the main roster while Astralis lik...
RIP FC Barcelona
Ronaldo cost nothing to Coca-Cola. It's funny to see how some of you don't know anything about the stock market and buy bullshit claims the press does for clicks. Cocacola was already down that day p...
Because he's black*
"It's my corner so I'm going to turn like no one is there expecting them to brake" and you saw the result. Leclerc showed the difference going extra wide (And losing grip for doing so) Max always exp...
Avocados are horrible
"If you've ever bought an avocado, it's hard as fuck for like two weeks." I don't know what avocados you get in Russia, but there's no way an Avocado lasts more than 5 days without going almost black...
Olympic Games
swimming it's my main event Then I guess I'll watch a bit of Basketball, Athletics, Cycling and maybe Handball, Grass hockey, and Taekwondo
i need $320
This guy thinks this is twitch, lmao.
Sinners vs Endpoint
So far, every time I've seen Endpoint in ANC they get a big lead that they end up blowing away. So this time I made sure to take advantage of it
Best Bookies
bet365, betway. You have to win A LOT to get limited (And certainly not in eSports as far as I know).
EURO v COPA stats "It's comming home" LMAO
EURO v COPA stats
Messi won a UCL against CR, so stay salty.
EURO v COPA stats
Euro final was trash too.