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20 sec on the clock and you agf starts to push on ct? Hahaha
Singularity vs PACT
Pact's best map? Winning against tier 100+ teams does not say anything at all.
Endpoint vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
The first gun round endpoint won in ages
Nemiga vs Sprout
Go sprout
Nemiga vs Sprout
Dude, it's nemiga. Look who you are comparing to speedak, lollipop, jyo? Useless players. Sprout would have won d2 if they just weren't to inconsistent and giving up winnable rounds that they shouldn'...
100 Thieves vs Liquid
Always satisfying to see 100 bots get wrecked, that hltv rank is even more hilarious.
G2 vs Movistar Riders
Nothing new there, this happens in all sports. Lower teams/players tend to play better against better teams/players.. And add a little bit of luck on top of that when the opponent is having a bad day ...
G2 vs Movistar Riders
Well MR have beaten mousesports, godsent and fnatic and all these teams lost cause it is rigged according you right? Now that's some next level shit planning all that in secret lmao
G2 vs Movistar Riders
Ofc you don't need to, as much as we others don't need to believe every comment that every match is rigged.. No one should be suprised have random online CS is by now.
G2 vs Movistar Riders
Lovely story, you got anything supporting that statement other than your own opinion?
G2 vs Movistar Riders
I wonder how drunk fnatic were losing to these nonamers
Sprout vs Nemiga
Lmao, imagine thinking nemiga are a good team for winning over botpoint and botvu, sprout sending them back to tier5 where they belong
Styko god, hell of a game from godsent today gg
Upset all bettors for sure