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Flashpoint, NiP, and bad servers.
Can you confirm if ESL Cologne is lan? :)
Flashpoint, NiP, and bad servers.
The scheduling sucks. Imagine teams played today then have to wait for a week to play again 🤦🏻‍♂️
Flashpoint, NiP, and bad servers.
Flashpoint should've postponed the 3rd map for at least 1 day to figure out what causing this problem on NiP side.
EXTREMIUM, what do you think?
You predicted it right my friend. Theyre still stuck in t3 rn
If he start eating more and became fatzera, for sure he can bring chips to Faze.
flashpoint viewbot
bruh its device playing. he is like Travis Scott showing up in concert
Dota 40 million$ tournament announced Sweden
Agree, I find Dota 2 more toxic. It literally fucks your mind if you play seriously and someone is messing around. Although CS has problem with hackers, I prefer to stay out of Dota toxicity.
Dota 40 million$ tournament announced Sweden
top team still play serious to get in to TI. Once DPC starts thats where people need to grind some wins to get higher points to qualify for TI.
God aimers come here
only my little finger I press too much in mouse thats the only part I hurt. if I do that I feel I have a better grip.
NIP on Device signing
he hawt plopski would kreygasm
I identify as vaccinated
does getting vaccinated makes you feel more afraid of corona? for sure you'll be more careful knowing you're vaccinated already.
120 frags per night and 48 knife kills in 2 weeks
Way you sleep
fazeup stomach down
NIP on Device signing