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i like the game mens))

chose the flag because it looks cool, actually NA
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Most legit skin website?
Most legit skin website?
Also probably the hardest to get access to
Rumors from OverDrive
But how much autonomy does device have in this scenario, not out of the realm of possibility that device himself didnt want to move to G2
bubble and dream3r transfer-listed in Fiend
+chopper +mir
Best beard in CS
Snax to take break from competition through end of year
Respect, enjoy ur break snax <3 Everyone shit talking him in comments, at least he never acted like other old legends of the game, saying they wouldnt play again if it werent with a T1 roster. Snax i...
Jks got his medals :)
Probably half communication between him and hltv, half him actually being in denmark for the event
Photos: Royal Arena lights up for Astralis
Genuinely the worst time to make a team in retrospect. CoL and OG completely fucked over by Covid for sure
Photos: Royal Arena lights up for Astralis
Ah would definitely remember it more fondly if OG had managed to win it, remember being so disappointed afterwards.
Photos: Royal Arena lights up for Astralis
CS is genuinely a cultural thing in denmark, like they have classes for it now
Photos: Royal Arena lights up for Astralis
They got them now w/ a photo bc they met with HLTV offline during the event. Valde probably wasnt in attendance for the major when a lot of players got their physical medals for online play
Photos: Royal Arena lights up for Astralis
Bruh i forgot flashpoint 2 even happened 😭
Today iv felt like it's 2018
Even since before the major, most teams in T1 have been dead in the water, clearly needing and waiting post major to make changes (astralis, vitality, mouse, etc) or fielding new rosters that stood up...