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A thread for normal users
Not good, not bad. having normal day. I hope I have good dinner tonight.
S1mple #1 is hopeless
not true, but his 2018 was the best year of all time
s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
so true! people just love to hate great players
Guys show some respect
tbh me too, i just dont have the time
not a zywoo/s1mple thread
NiKo best rifler of 2020, which i think is overlooked. AWPers always have great stats, but NiKo better than many awpers with rifles only. gj NiKo
ZywOo 3-peat?
tbh this was my line of thinking, but it's also difficult bordering impossible to quantify that. both of them deserved top1
build tier 2 team from major winners
this would be like tier 8
+1. -baitF +Happy
device NOT GOAT
>4 major team achievement >most lans won team achievement >top20 7 years in a row, a 2nd, 4 3rds never the best in any year, cannot be the best of all time
device NOT GOAT
close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, be top1 if you want to be bestest
device NOT GOAT
i mean, ok, but coldzera/gtr were the best in the world for two fucking years. Compare that to "a few months" and its laughable.
device NOT GOAT
This is exactly my thought process. How can you possibly be the GOAT if you were never even the best in a single year? it's an absolutely ridiculous claim to make. If you are never the best, at any po...
Stewie IGL
yes I watch Liquid games, though not as much since they kicked based god nitr0. its painfully obvious that stewie is a terrible IGL, and the whole point of bringing in FalleN was (at least I thought i...
Stewie IGL
no suprise, Liquid fucks it up again one of the greatest IGLs ever, and they have stewart10am do it instead so he can call more push through smoke plays
Who will be top2 :D
either me or you