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Trump LUL
Hahaha... You are stupid.. Usa has provided weapons to most of the terrorists organizations in the past, they have supported taliban and also started the rebel in iraq.. Go and watch some vice episode...
biggest team rivalry of all time
+1 their matches are always sick and close.. Now dignitas (OG NIP) vs fnatic
Ever wanna quit CS
Twitter lost to 17yo hahahaha
He is 17 year old, Doesn't teens get another type of correction centre in USA?
Imagine being soo retarded to think the best player im the world is cheating.. Silvers get a job.. Even i can preaim at exactly the head at most times cause i know the map way too good.. Fuck me.. Soo...
Pro players do cheat (some not all)
And if someone actually did, admins can easily find it out.. And the backlash that player will get, so i dont think that anyone cheats on lan
WTF Lekr0
+++++1 men
new fer tweet translated
s1mple GOAT proof
I mean the tournaments in which astralis won and navi sucked, s1mple still had better performance than device in majority of them.. Astralis is good as a team, but individually s1mple easily rek them,...
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
I mean Navi katowice 2020 in the playoffs were insanely dominant.. Rekt liquid, astralis and G2 pretty bad.. But yeah that was a really small run but insanely dominent and also only navi is the team w...
Top 3 esport logos
Omg what book did you read to get this much knowledge about "stickers" imao.. Must be really hard to know which sticker is good or bad right..
Top 3 esport logos
But you get the stickers cause that team logo looks way better than other ones dumbass.. Its a corelation.. Navi logo is sick af thats why i people pay more for it
Top 3 esport logos
Bro if you are asking for gun stickers, navi has the best.. Navi berlin major normal sticker is the most expensive still and same for other majors also.. Its for a reason
He is far better than any mumble rapper nowdays.. Dudes music is different from all the shit we see nowdays like 69