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s0mple impact?
Now just watch his CT nuke side, huge fuckin impact also on dust2 on CT side he was a beast, had a bad T side it happens you idiot,
Yeah this will actually make faze top3 easily cause yekinder has insane impacts in VP games, but as you know cis players buyout is like insane, rumor was when navi wanted fl1t his buyout was like 1 or...
Karrigan downgrading?
Without karrigon mouz was nothing, people dont understand how much impact does karrigon have on a team, faze realized it later, this move make sense for both faze and mouz, twistzz broky rain coldzera...
-KennyS +GuardiaN
No T1 team will take guardian cause its a risk, guardian should just accept an offer from lower tier team then prove tht he is still a god so tier 1 teams can consider him, its too risky now to take g...
A bad year
If you think that it wasn't your fault for your friends ditching you, then they were fake friends, move on you will get many friends later in life, in your university thts where you meet your lifetime...
This is the most mature thread you can get on hltv, speaking facts and not abusing or shitting on the enemy teams
what is your favourite food mens))
Chicken Biryani and mutton kebab which my mom makes :)
Why zywoo was #1 and s2mple was #2
I mean s1mple said it correctly on stream, tht it was due to rmr events, navi cant play EU rmr due to dumb valve idea to separate cis and eu, so cis rmr doesn't count shit, while eu rmr are A+ tournam...
Astralis vs Vitality vs NaVi (on LAN)
+1 good detailed post, and i agree with you, tht misutaa and nivera has no LAN experience and shox is suddenly god mode in online cs
Thorin thinks MIBR doesn’t deserve being at BLAST
Yeah but to be a partnered team you need a lot of money to invest and furia wasn't tht big 1 year before or even now while mibr has a tonne of money, dont worry i think they invite teams in showdown o...
Thorin thinks MIBR doesn’t deserve being at BLAST
This year, cause mibr dont even have a relevant team rn
Thorin thinks MIBR doesn’t deserve being at BLAST
Lol thts not the reason, MIBR is a partnered team of blast, it all comes down to money in the end, mibr is a huge organization with a shit team
s1mple cry is free
Imagine s1mple living rent free in your head tht your only purpose is to write shit about him, this post was about s1mple crying with happy tears and the stupid OP is making fun of him and then you wr...