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Help a noob improve
csgo is like the gym. you go there, pull some weight, gain some mass, start to look good and then you catch a flu and stop going to the gym for a week or two. When you go back, you can't pull the same...
Brazil CS not even best BR best esport
try 2 times major wins in csgo surf, skateboard, swimming, Pole vault, volleyball, handball, Futsal, beach soccer, beach volley, poker, judo, mma, and more...
Brazil CS not even best BR best esport
arial font. why don`t we start a war? you germans will have good winning odds.
Brazil CS not even best BR best esport
1.4 billion people and you are not good in any sport other than table tennis, even in table tennis we have kids making chinese crying lol.
furia true fix
+1 they need players that can clutch. Coldzera would be great imo
valve is mad with volcano because of valorant
m0nesy is 16
-perfecto then
Top 5 worst career decisions by CS:GO players.
sk roster (fer, fallen, cold, taco and felps) leaving sk and going to mibr
Ancient, it doesn't matter
mirage is the most picked map in faceit, is the map that allows people with potato pc to play the game. tbh mirage will never leave the map pool. it might get some changes like in the bomb sites, but ...
mirage is the best map for those who run csgo on a potato pc.
Free trk
we are not having majors due to covid, but in normal years there two majors a year. Just have patience.
Valve is really dumb by not allowing 6 men roster. No org are investing in the game and a lot of players are going to valorant. Way better to have 6 men roster the see the players moving to your compe...
for sure all fallen's fans, but we are fond of liquid