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Wisla Krakow vs AGF
"AGF are known to be involved in matchfixing" Hope thats a joke. AGF is a big name in danish football. No need for them to throw matches to survive. If they're well known fixers shouldnt there be seve...
Nexus vs LDLC
Ty master, plz teach me more,,,
HONORIS vs Wizards
We might have just argued about nothing lol. I read your first commen and thought you were one of the braindead bettors. Fully agree with your last part mb :)
HONORIS vs Wizards
I can agree that they are no where near the stars they were like 3-4 years ago but still. They should be able to play tve game they love and with what teammates they want without being accused of thro...
HONORIS vs Wizards
Wouldnt a fixed match scandal ruin their legacy more then loosing fair and square vs younger, better players?
HONORIS vs Wizards
Insane how many names i recognize in the comments on these lower tier matches complaining about match-fixing and cheaters. Guess some never learn.
HONORIS vs Wizards
Know what?
Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
Insane how he's still among the top fraggers
Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
okok ty
Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
any1 seen what ping wolfy is playing on this game?
Natus Vincere vs Complexity
It's usually reversed that the one who wins the money buy the drinks...
Complexity vs HONORIS
Thankfully youre wrong. I was thinking about it but the recent results convinced me to skip it.
Complexity vs HONORIS
Did you bet on Honoris?
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Illuminar
Lol after Vertigo Illuminar had 5.6 odds. Guess someone have potential to go big now.
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Juggernauts
Don't you have anything better to do? Whats next, showing evidence of crisp clean locks?