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faze kicked kjaerbye?
In the last Blast event the roster was olof, broky, cold, rain, niko, they just havent updated from last blast event
I r8 your real first name
Islademuetro = malinki hui
I r8 your real first name
0/8 flamie
Called it
i actually didn't see your thread, I was watching Loba stream thats when i made the link, but gg wp u called it first wp men)
-Niko +Olof
Lol "my assumption" you have litterally just seen all the thread saying olof is practising with FaZe trying to look smart by saying "my assumption". I called this yesterday lol.
olof replacing NiKo
I called it
olof replacing NiKo
no one said olof would be igl. I said rain or cold would igl, mainly cold because he is 2nd caller already. Rain has all the personality traits of on IGL, he is calm and collected hence why i said h...
olof replacing NiKo
I think he is. Lurk role is less about aim and more about game sense / understanding timing. Unless the maps physically changes, timings of rotations/executes etc shouldn't change either. All olof nee...
olof replacing NiKo
Cold is 2nd caller on FaZe right now, so he can call as well.
olof replacing NiKo
+ Olof knows the team already, will know some of the calls/executes His lurk role will be affected very little if he starts playing again Amanek would have to learn all executes/calls.
olof replacing NiKo
100% i think he could, but he was inactive for 6 months, unless he has been secretly watching FaZe ever since NiKo transfer speculations started.
olof replacing NiKo
As a inactive player doubt he will be IGL. He will play small support/lurk role for sure.
Olof is Back!
nice YNK told me twitter DM
olof replacing NiKo
im sure he is not allowed to speak on any roster moves/contracts/transfer deals until they either go through/fail.