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NaVi fix
+1 what kind of idiot would do -s1mple when there is no structure and the only win condition on t-sides is s1mple do something incredible
B1t Headshot percentage and others
https://clips.twitch.tv/GlamorousBlazingPoultrySeemsGood-gYYMNNKD-mwti1vc ^^ example scenario where I argue hitting head or not wouldn't make a difference. In kill on bomb train, hitting head or not w...
noo yekindar wtf
lmao. You'd think Astralis would boot up a VP demo after losing to them so much and just 'see' that he makes aggressive plays and be prepared. Except he still made it work. Clearly he was doing someth...
-Blad3 +who?
noo yekindar wtf
forZe bug abusers probably abusing some new bug which is why his calculated aggression is getting caught. Online cs is a joke.
B1t Headshot percentage and others
I understand B1t needs time and that it doesn't take 400 ms to line up to the head, but I still don't see how it definitely improves ttk. I agree a higher HS% might be correlated with better crossha...
G2 is failure
NiKo is not doing anything particularly great in this lineup. I wouldn't say it's him 'wasting his prime' by any means
B1t Headshot percentage and others
That actually makes some sense.
B1t Headshot percentage and others
I think you meant 'I am no brain' in #133
B1t Headshot percentage and others
Pray tell how it makes a difference. How does hitting a higher percentage of headshots guarantee a lower time to kill? If you take 400 extra milliseconds adjusting to the head and an ak47 shoots 4 bul...
B1t Headshot percentage and others
Anyone can have an off day. Even a pro. And 3.5k elo + players are really amateurs/semi-professional, in a pug those guys are really good at doing things that work.
B1t Headshot percentage and others
HS % just means he shoots differently from other pros who more often rely on body sprays. It doesn't necessarily mean he's a more effective rifler. You can be as effective with 80% HS as with 30% HS, ...
Jamppi to CS confirmed(?)
+111 some people who don't speak languages which work very differently from english don't understand why it's hard to avoid an accent.
-grim +Yekindar
Why would Yekindar downgrade/VP ever give up their only aggressive element and why would TL want to pay this buyout and why would they want to make another roster move this quick
CIS Superteam?
LMAO sh0r0 is a bot