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No cs
I think it is better than ONLINER period with every team playing every team every other week. I am more than happy to wait 1 month to have some anticpation for the game I'm going to watch.
I might get 10 year'd
mods mald so hard bro I can't even describe it. Unlucko for you. cya in 10 bro.
best duo
hahahaha NT peine
best duo
flag, flair and talking sh*t about NA team/brazillian players. It's really likely this is peine.
best duo
stopped reading at peine's alt
Im back mens
I will adopt a new philosophy on CSGO
This is a good philosophy. Always remember my friend, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you're right. The power of true faith in yourself goes a long way.
yeah lmao and then they say go to staemcommunity.com haha
Anti vaxxers LMAO
+1, anti vaxxers are dumb bro,
Greatest rap album
I've never done any drugs, the album is hype cause it's about getting back up from a really bad situation/space. Listen to Not Afraid or You're never Over or maybe even Cinderella Man to get what i'm ...
Your dream job
thanks bro, good luck to you in your network architecture job!
800k for a Karambit?
IDK bro. You can literally get 2,3x return in 1 year time on BF or other operation trade up fodder skins like restricted ones or so. You can spend some 5k USD or whatever and make money, cs isn't dyin...
Your dream job
Okay, do you mean what country I'd like to work in ? Maybe I'd like to work in US, I've always heard good things about there so I'm biased. Or if you meant your flag... Greenland is a nice place bro,...
Your dream job
Flag is the flag of India wdym
s1mple poem
Eh pretty meh poem and obviously stupidly untrue.