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Secret Club vs Big Chillin
Their recent results are very deceiving. Secret club is far superior mechanically. They have been losing recently since their roster was a mess with three players getting kicked, wrath going on fuckin...
What the fuck are you talking about? There’s proper reasoning why you could consider the Americas as two continent, you’re simply making a nonsense comparison and acting like you’re making a remotely ...
O PLANO vs Party Astronauts
Didn’t they say they were getting a maximum of 40 ping?
O PLANO vs Party Astronauts
Mate they were playing against absolute shitters...
Forgotten Players
He played in premier a season ago, team almost got relegated. Switched to valorant with Pittsburgh Knights. They replaced him after two months.
NA 3 legend spots
I think they mostly allow it so a competitive region outside of Europe could be created where teams outside EU/CIS could get okay practice and still feel comfortable.
NA 3 legend spots
Do you not understand why or how regions got their major spots? Again, it’s not because NA miraculously got 5 spots for the next major and consequently made the Br teams move to NA. It’s literally bec...
NA 3 legend spots
You got it all wrong lmao. NA has 5 spots because all the top BR teams and renegades compete in NA. They chose to play in NA, and consequently, the major spots are allocated for NA instead.
Think people simply want them to get signed and positive feedback wouldn’t hurt
9z vs Vitality
think you missed the point, mate. I simply stated that aside from furia, none of those teams you mentioned dominated NA and I explained my reasons why. BR has a clearly better and healthier scene now,...
9z vs Vitality
Did you even read what I said?
ChocoCheck vs GGPR
I just checked his profile and he’s genuinely rank b- on esea. That rank is probably boosted as well since he probably got carried by his matchfixer friends.