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FATE vs Illuminar
Yup, but they did it anyway haha
FATE vs Illuminar
Are the map picks confirmed alrady? My bookie has no information about that yet!
FATE vs Illuminar
Illuminar to win the first half of Mirage @2.00
HellRaisers vs AGF
I don't see a comeback here. It's kinda hard to prepare for two matches a day with a different roster
AGF vs lvlUP
I thought the same on Dust2 for saw this morning haha
AGF vs lvlUP
As far as I know this tournament, I wouldn't be surprised if lvlUP wins Map 2
Rudy's plays 7/6/20
80/20 means that 80% of your bet volume on this game should go on the +1,5 for AGF and 20% should go on the ML AGF.
Rudy's plays 7/2/20
I guess we are gonna see Overpass (Godsent 70%, OG 25%) and Inferno (Godsent 8%, OG 53%). I'm not sure if it's always right to bet on the obvious things, but they went the whole distance quite often l...
Rudy's plays 7/1/20
If you have a good live bet for the evening session, just drop a line! Would be glad to join the ticket.
Rudy's plays 7/1/20
But there are a lot of bad reviews for online... I wanted to go there as well, but according to many people you will never see your money again.
Damn you got me haha, 5 mins late and the line was far away from -3.5
Vitality vs Heroic
I simply created a bookmark to your profile to check your latest comments. Then, I refresh the page by every hour during the time you usually post something.
Vitality vs Heroic
Nice one! $$$
Rudy's plays 6/27/20
Thank you for your efforts! I'm just struggling with that one 'Perry/Poirier/Hansen Parlay pays around 2/1' - do you recommend them as solo bets or is an accumulator a good choice?
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
Aleight, you would suggest EG to win tho?