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Astralis Lucky
And I'm believing Coldzera to Furia move Maybe we both believe in something which might not come to fruition. But if does how will we celebrate ?
Best duo in CS:GO?
He is giving duo example, thread didn't specify if both have to be a Player.
If you think current cobblestone can replace any map in the pool, You are in the Dark My Friend !!!
Most harmless animal?
If you are taking the CAE, then you English skills should be at a sufficiently high enough level. Listen to practice tests to understand the content and context of the conversation. Paraphrasing play...
g2 win or free sticker
Well I did text you on your Account but wasn't able to get through you :)
series to watch.
Tell something about yourself, sports/work/interests and what type of series are among your top 6
Story behind your HLTV name
Guess ?
Coldzera downfall
Was fallen in liquid at that time though ? I'm not sure.
Coldzera downfall
Even though I know faze better than liquid currently, but there is no Cold in current lineup, so the response doesn't do justice to the argument. The discussion is Faze with Cold vs Liquid with Falle...
What If the Overhaul results in current Astralis rosters playing under banner of the Fnatic Organisation ? Do see that happening apart from the base of operation shifting to facilitate this move ?
g2 win or free sticker
Can you ? Or got broke till now :P
Astralis and G2 win
You shouldn't depend on Online match stats for having so much confidence without weighing all the factors in Play. I think you should know this by now :)