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CS:GO Pro Tiers
Lets have a battle between Jinping vs Trump to validate the argument ! The Japanese get to host the server/land :P
why not add tactical shield ?
Apart from defending the diffuser from bullets or grenade shrapnel there ain't any use for it. Players run speed is ever slower than the person with negev -_- (u cant even cross a molly without dying...
Hard Legion vs AVEZ
Hard legion bans Nuke Avez bans Mirage HL picks D2 Avez picks Vertigo 3rd map decider Avez should win 2-1
New eden Fantasy R8 and help
7oX1C (Cr4zy) Sergiz (Cr4zy) sh1ro (GY) nafany (GY) RuFire (SG.Pro)
Sad Reax Only :facepalm: (should have listened #36 XD) :(
Most pointless things
Which also implies they consume 70% of world's oxygen at night, its an equivalent exchange. Dont give dumb answers, defending football should be the right approach and not misdirection with 0 knowled...
leave flamie alone
You could atleast see to what thread I'm replying at smh, The guy was comparing Zywoo vs Simple Who dafuk mentioned abt competing for top 1 2020 ? 70% of matches has been online this year, you need ...
Apparently they will win only one map of their choice, D2 Both other maps alternate is going to win. If first map is LDLC pick and plays D2 and win, at that time bet on Alternate for best odds, they ...
leave flamie alone
Its not a hltv stat idiot, every matchups has been listed in there with date and series name for verification needed to some kids like you.. there's no specific picking of matches where only simple st...
leave flamie alone
The point made was comparing simple vs Zywoo and the data includes all match-ups including LAN past 1 year. You need to go to a real school instead getting home schooled, you seriously lack the aptit...
annoying song
One is from Pakistan, one sri lankan, other 3 are Indian but 4 of 5 are english version to torture everyone.. do enjoy :)
annoying song
Don't regret for starting this forum now Some of the best platinum level shit you will find out there.. (Do watch the videos for eye cancer too)
leave flamie alone
Kiddo here some a** whopping you were craving for Lets use the past year from today as an information focal point. Just to prove Z...
Na'Vi VS Vita
Well had a bet against a friend for the previous series regarding same topic and so did most of this heavy lifting back then.. Now You can say Hello to my New Fever Dream Awp (From Bet :P) I know its...