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PGL Major Stockholm 2021
the favourites imo are the top6 with VP and -astralis
NiP Announcement
after that I won't even argue anymore, my god in heaven, "has never been a good player?" jesus HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
NiP Announcement
cold with a structured team, stable and with years of connection, easily would be top3 nowadays, and do not underestimate the cs of 2016/2017/2018, the cs today is not "bigger" or "better" than the cs...
NiP Announcement
cold in 2018 even with a bad year stayed in the top10, in 2019 with a horrible year was in 21 in the ranking, just did not enter the top20 because he went 4 months without playing, if he had played wo...
NiP Announcement
coldzera had the best peak of all csgo players, his prime was absurd and no one has achieved it to date, his prime had 2 majors, 2 mvp majors and 2 top1 hltv, no one has surpassed him yet in his prime
NiP Announcement
different from when you have a paved road compared to a newly built dirt road, cold came out of nowhere and in just 7 months won 2 majors, its two top1 hltv differentiates it from device, in skill the...
NiP Announcement
device stayed the whole life with the same companions, of course it will have a greater stability, cold was harmed by orgs and by companions like boltz, showtime and etc..
NiP Announcement
coldzera in less than a year in cs tier1 won 2 majors, 2 mvp majors and in his first two years stayed in the top1 hltv, not counting his 15 titles, look that was during his first 2 years ...
NiP Announcement
smaller with his two top1? idk
NiP Announcement
as a player would be a HUGE announcemeent, atm hes not in the average, but as a player...
NiP Announcement
top 20 players of 2020
I would just put yuurih and take out krimz, rest is great for a ranking so far
NA Closed Qualifier
SA should have a legend spot at least, so many teams with potencial and 1 contender spot i guess
Are you crazy about taking an SA spot? we have the biggest CS scene in the world and you come to put one of these, should give another spot to SA that has been super devalued over the years ...
top 1 deagle
cold >> all