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Uhh, I'm a degenerate weeb, I guess?
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shaved vs unshaved clunge
I know lol I just don't like getting hair in my mouth, I'll usually do it anyway but if I had the choice...
shaved vs unshaved clunge
I like to go down on chicks if they're clean so shaved.
what girls do you go for?
Any chick I find to be, at least, somewhat attractive and is into me and easy cause I'm lazy as fuck now.
Tell me about you
Umm well I'm not exactly sure what you mean by into each other just for money. One of the threesomes I had was two hookers that worked as a pair and they were really into each other. The other one was...
Tell me about you
I don't see any particular appeal in more than two. The best threesomes are when the two chicks are really into each other so even while you're fucking one, they'll still be playing with each other. Y...
Tell me about you
no bro I haven't even gotten laid in over a year
Tell me about you
not my favorite song by them by any stretch (pablo honey is my least favorite band but Radiohead/Thom Yorke are my favorite band and artist.
Tell me about you
Tell me about you
I have had two, why?
Tell me about you
Living with my parents, being generally lazy, watching anime and getting drunk every night on VRChat. No plans for the future just letting life takes me wherever it takes me.
well I don't have any liver diseases yet and considering how much I drink every night...maybe?
recently started drinking a lot of water just to make my liver last longer
weebs bestest confirmed.
Extra Salt vs QcClan
I would like to report a murder.
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
The s1mple carry is real