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MOUZ NXT vs VP.Prodigy
I lost the -4.5 cause JDC was too scared to check the bomb…
Into the Breach vs Linx Legacy
They make CT side Ancient look impossible lol
Probably cause they’re predicting PACT to get destroyed on T-Side
LDLC vs Dignitas
Okay, well he wide swung the corner lol But still either way he shouldn’t have done that
LDLC vs Dignitas
Well LDLC could’ve had 7 rounds on the T-Side if Keoz didn’t peak in a 3v2 bomb plant and give up the round
fnatic vs Copenhagen Flames
I never understand how a lot of teams get 8 rounds in the first half and then after that, they let the other team come back and it like 8-7.
Entropiq vs Sampi
Sampi would probably be leading this 1st map if they had any ounce of map awareness. They’re leaving some angles wide open for Entropiq to peak and get easy kills
Xarte is the worst AWPer I've ever seen on this game. And no one on hREDS knows how to aim lol
Case vs eXploit
He gave that game to them😂
Furia blew every handicap possible....
G2 vs Endpoint
G2 ran out of T-Side strats and let Endpoint comeback. New IGL needed cause Nexa has no idea what he's doing
EC Brugge vs Lemondogs
Seriously, its so annoying
Nordavind vs Sprout
Sprout suck so bad it's unbelievable lol
SINNERS vs Tricked
You obviously can't read or you would've understood what I just said before lol. Try again next time and make sure you learn the word "comprehension". It might help you!
SINNERS vs Tricked
I mean...he's not wrong lol. SinnerS have been known to throw a map and then somehow win 2-1. But we'll see if this is another one of those times or SinnerS happen to be really bad today