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Fun facts:
1. s0mple fanbase is the most easily baited fanbase.
2. Navi Katowice 2020 is the biggest fluke right after Avangar major finals.
3. s0mple hltv top 1 baiter all time confirmed.
4. blameF overrated baiter
5. dev1ce_2_major_mvp_s0mple_0_major_mvp
Forum posts
Pros: 4k steaming pog
"Valulrant" they say
>demanding skill wise Either peak delusion or flat-bottom bait u choose. If by "demanding skill wise" you mean pressing a button to throw pop flash around a wall or tapping on the minimap to put smok...
ChoKo vs s0mple
#13 Also read https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusion
ChoKo vs s0mple
>This year he owned every top team dunno what shit you talking about. Ahh yes and still managed to lose to vitality and astralis in every big final except flukowice. Lol jerman iq
Julian Schwinger's one brain cell is more than the collective intelligence of entire Germany. So pls jerman don't talk about brain
BLAST Global Predictions
Papa fallen will rekt ruski awp abusing baiter (aka s0mpl3)
s1mple vs ZywOo
Dude are you a toddler? Go to school for some basic comprehension skills. He said "I don't even know the flag" as in referring to @gafurman's flag.. lol imagine an Indian having better English than yo...
Royal Rumble Winners
WWE is fake mens)) So boring Real men watch khabib and Conor (and GOAT jsp )
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
ezzy for......? So ezzy for.....? Easiest dub ever for.....? Four time major champions astralis So easy that Emilia will play in place of device...
NiKo TOP 1
How many brain cells? 1? I are doubt that
NiKo #3 HLTV 2020
Niko #3 device #4
You can if you have time..... All you need to know beforehand is some elementary algebra (which every 16yo should know)
Omfg an onliner post without mention of the. biggest onliners ever? Heroic? Heroic biggest onliner I have seen