meh(but who cares other than me)


1 7 day ban
2 3 day ban
3 1 day ban

I am fan of FaZe Clan:

GuardiaN and Olofmeister made me FaZe fan but I started following them after their IEM Katowice 2017 grand final run.
FaZeUp since 2017
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About Me:

Just a stupid guy nothing interesting to see here

Things that I like:

-watching F1 and playing F1 games
-playing and watching Football
-Sebastian Vettel(F1 Race Driver)
-playing Basketball(not watching it)
-Hearts of Iron 4
-Forza Horizon 4
-Battlefield 1
Forum posts
men are toxic
Ok men)) But you deserved some toxicity after this tbh LIVERPOOL COME HERE Liquid | Latvia heywire Tonight u get rekt by manchester united don't cry about it too much. EZ4LIVERPOOL
Bad person
I said dosia is ugly and fat
Major, waiting.. and waiting
Cant you sleep at university as well?
liquid x akatsuki
Looks bad tbh And anime eww
Major, waiting.. and waiting
Why dont you just sleep 24 hours?
Africa is always awake We dont sleep
france only hot players
I must tell the truth... I cant hide it anymore.. Guys.. I dont think dosia is sexy,not even beatiful.Hell even I think he is a little bit ugly and fat Please dont exclude me from hltv Thanks
Smartest hltv user
I mean you got banned in other accounts because you were swearing to bulgarians and russians too much
Smartest hltv user
But he is trying to pick a fight with everyone clearly idk tho you might be right
cs makes me angry
Yea I can confirm I was his friend that got beaten by him(( Its just a game bro I have told you many times
Smartest hltv user
dont mind him He is clearly baiting
cs makes me angry
Wait arent you supposed to drive right now valtteri? James might get angry mens((
Nice prediction mens))
Qbfire of this tournament
But I am not going to take anything from QBF,they deserved it
Qbfire of this tournament
Virtus pro was really in a bad form,they didnt even get to single digits in a map.(RIP polish VP) In the gambit match Dosia and Adren was only guys playing,others were sleeping %100 In mouz match mouz...