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lebron vs mj
mid range 2 points layup 2 points dunk 2 points maybe he isnt a retard just jack up shots also lebron shots better than both from 3
lebron vs mj
just like mj when he banged every first round without scottie? btw lebron has better stats then mj what are u talking about his fg% 3pt fg% rebounds assists averages better mj averages more points...
lebron vs mj
"AD almost got finals mvp" Marc J. Spears and Chris Haynes revealed after the presentation, that the Finals MVP trophy was given to LeBron unanimously. He received all 11 votes from the media panel.
lebron vs mj
he beat portland many analyst called them best 8th seed of all time he beat 2 former mvps in 2nd round he beat best center in the league and a point guard who played like a superstar in bubble and h...
lebron vs mj
yeah lebron is GOAT and u called lebron had ez ring bcuz he didnt faced kawhi and wayoff in wcf and akumpo in finals and i just showed how akumpo overrated trash and kawhi is choke artist lmfao kos...
lebron vs mj what turk? fuck turks lmao
lebron vs mj middleton>akumpo
lebron vs mj
"6 points"
lebron vs mj
lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo nice edit akumpo lmao almost swept to easy team by your standarts what a shit player
lebron vs mj
denver beat clippers so they are better miami destroyed bucks so they are better it wasnt easy
lebron vs mj
is it lebron's fault? overrated trash akumpo eliminated and wayoff p choked?
five seven
lebron vs mj
If this was easy peazy why kawhi lost to nuggets If this was easy peazy why overrated trash antetokounmpo lost to the miami Shitpost
C. Ronaldo covid positive