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croatia - czech
If croatia loose they are out of EURO...and they are out because they are very bad , they didnt play anything with england and now they are playing very bad
Lol ..they already proove themselves , its ok if they loose against belgium which is top 3 contender . Good job Finland reaching to EURO, sadly my country couldnt do it
So long, Zizou.
very mucho texto.....i didnt read it. but yes zidane gone better.
Akuma cheaters?
the only suspicious thing ...THE only ONE from all clips that i saw, is that kill in SMOKE when he jumps. he can t be seen in smoke if he jumps but still the player goes with crosshair ups on him......
liquid dont care about you ...they dont know even u exist...why make topic?
Best Famas skin
best famas no famas.....go play mp9 better and cheaper if u really want to buy famas skin ...dont buy the golden one is worse. good famas looking: roll cage and pulse ..other are garbage
get a life and stop dreaming....jamppi is a washed up player
snax iq
snax is outdated unfortunately...yeah he use to be very smart player but after VP era he got outdated...he should retire i suppose. he plays only for tier 3-4 cs from 2 years almost.
fnatic - dig merge
no nawwk.....jackinho and even JW better awp than nawwk
School shooting
who did this? or is not known yet? can be a student like in murica?
SHIBA INU crypto
why you will invest in a dogecoin shiba etc and not in eth bitcoin xrp or other more known? i m curious lol