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NiKo #2
he should be #1, but his team kinda sucks.With more mvp's he will soon enough be the best player.He is just another level, and without being an awper.
Heroic - Cadian
Maybe.But mostly i wanted to talk about the stats.None of the players are having a great time now and idk why.Cadian more than anyone, he is fucking bad and it fucks me up because as i said he had som...
Heroic - Cadian
They are not in the best form individualy, but to me the only team with more firepower is NaVi.And NaVi is above everyone anyway.
"kick rain"
Nah.It s not really like this.You can say he is below average a little, but you don t need 5 hard fraggers to make a good team.If they bench olof and get ropz they have more than enough firepower to b...
liquid +osee
Can t say i like the shox move, but the roster looks insane.Now the question is: do you believe nitro can still lead this team to the top ? I don't know what to say.
NaVi matches lost in the last 6 month
Astralis had 11 days of practice.Do i have to remember you there is no way NaVi will keep this form forever ? Bub was bad that s why he got benched.If he was some star player material 1.30 rating or s...
NIP vs Astralis
I love kenny as well but without an igl and malek being gone it s hard to believe they will do something.
NIP vs Astralis
I forgot.But they play without nexa right ?
They made it to the finals at cologne as well.G2 is one of the teams who are just 200% better on lan and just can t play online.I think their biggest problem is the awper, i don t see why would you ch...