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777 vs Wisla Krakow
Yeah man you both should bet on 777 for that 3 odds with a small amount so you win at least something
Stars Horizon vs Black Dragons
you can't have a brazilian game without over 2,5 maps am i right
Stars Horizon vs Black Dragons
the thing about betting cs is just that it should be fun because no one can predict who wins especially based on previous matches, so i just place my bets, enjoy the game and hope my team wins. it's n...
Savage vs GORILLAZ
Don't forget toilet flusher
Vitality vs Astralis
Actually they didn't even scam anyone, they just raised the odds for the winning team because of that.
Vitality vs Astralis
Biggest scam ever if they are giving you the possibility to multiply your money by 3.9 times
Vitality vs Astralis
That doesn't mean that you lose money, just bet on the team it's rigged towards. People always remember this after the game, but before the game it's like they've never seen counter-strike before
Vitality vs Astralis
This is why you should always secure the last game by betting on the opponent as well
Vitality vs Astralis
This whole game I've been trying to figure the equation: x*y*p*9*x.... Is that even math? I'm not quite good at it
Vitality vs Astralis
They are quite good, it's not everyone who is able to get a 10 round lead against Vitality
Vitality vs Astralis
We're all very impressed
Vitality vs Astralis
I'm gonna write an autobiography for Astralis if Vitality wins this map called: "I wish Counter-Strike was first to 10 - The Astralis Heartbreak story"
Vitality vs Astralis
the ratings off the charts for "biggest clown of the game"