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SAW vs ex-Winstrike
the best belgian team, if u know about that (i bet u dont know, u are only trash-talking), was ex-tenerife titan and they never won more than 11 rounds vs saw, so wdym? if he isn't smart, you lack of...
ex-Winstrike vs SAW
hahahahahahah how much?
Heroic vs SAW
totally comparable. saw lost 2-0 vs heroic (the winner of esl pro league and 9 wins in a row vs tier 1 teams) and won 10 rounds, but better than saw its sprout because they got more rounds than Saw di...
Heroic vs SAW
what are u saying man, are u joking?????? Man, roman is one of the best players in "iberia" lan, where im being ultra nationalist? u dont know nothing about your scene. And if dav1g is so good, why th...
Heroic vs SAW
no man u are saying he has 1.10 rating, first one, u are saying this with 3 games played in the last 3 months against 2 full nonamers teams, second, u dont saw any s2v game... he was the worst player ...
Heroic vs SAW
yeah look at the last game. dav1g is the botton fragger, and if u saw the game, u already know this guy only killed by smokes and eco frags. worse player by a lot of caronte. Dont say i dont know what...
BLAST Boring
mouz lost 16-3 to pact and 16-12 to DBL Poney on this qualifier, why they deserve invite? fpx lost 2 times in a row against LDLC. OG is in this competition and won 2-0 vs astralis. so the low tier tea...
Heroic vs SAW
rmn is playing bad but dav1g is a complete bot..
SAW vs Copenhagen Flames
yes. they picked vertigo
SAW vs Copenhagen Flames
Cph picked vertigo, Saw picked nuke and inferno is decider.
OFFSET vs Nexus
nexus only 8 rounds vs trident do u really think they will win easily vs offset? its a 50/50 game.
Movistar Riders vs SAW
Final Fantasy
7 is my favorite, but i think the best one for starters is 10.
one of the best games i ever seen in our scene, i really hope offset play like this on international competitions. We need more teams on SAW level.