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I’ve been following and betting on CS games since the Titan KennyS days. I know a thing or two
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Heroic players break silence on HUNDEN's accusations
These comments bro lmao, just based off of the kind of guy Cadian is I believe him, this dude has morals and wouldn’t willingly cheat. Although part of me feels like it’s convenient that Niko and Hund...
FunPlus Phoenix vs Spirit
I'm not even surprised anymore lol
FL1T, almazer and liTTle leave forZe
Any team that signs him will be cringe
FL1T, almazer and liTTle leave forZe
Check his Instagram almazer1, the girl he posted with literally has "15 y.o" in her bio. This isn't anything new
MOUZ vs K23
Why does Mouz logo look like a 5 year old was told to make a logo for beyblade in paint with only 3 minutes to do it
FL1T, almazer and liTTle leave forZe
Yep, hanging out with a 15 year old kinda cringe when ur 22
poizon and Complexity part ways
Just my personal opinion, looks like Snatchie is already gone anyways. I never was a big fan of Nawwk personally. He's a solid player but he was super inconsistent on NIP. I wouldn't mind seeing him h...
FL1T, almazer and liTTle leave forZe
FL1T to VP and I hope that pedo almazer doesn't find a team anywhere
poizon and Complexity part ways
COL: BlameF, Es3tag, Jkaem, Amanek, Snatchie/Allu (These are just the best AWP options right now, if they can find better then go for it) Amanek is a meme as an AWP but a valuable selfless player when...
EXTREMUM bench roster
Only cause Emi is dogwater lol it's like trading shit for garbage.
EXTREMUM bench roster
BnTeT and Jkaem could stay around but the others should go to Valorant, their only other option is going back to Australia where they probably won't even be the best team (seriously Renegades are prob...
Triumph vs Bad News Bears
BNB literally just became Triumph. Shakezullah, Spongey, Junior… now even BWills lmao
MAD Lions vs Liquid
Although I agree there's decent value on ML they literally only beat 2 top 20 teams
Virtus.pro vs Liquid
True, their rotations at time just make no sense... unnecessary gambles
Virtus.pro vs Liquid
That's why they're replacing him with FL1T after the major lol