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fnatic vs Natus Vincere
What does krimz eat all the time? Is he fucking junk?
NiP vs TSM
So awful game from TSM on d2
fnatic vs PENTA
Each matchpage with the same comments "ty for skins fanboys". Valve, please, stop that fucking gamble shit. It's really sad that many people watch CS only because they put some money on a match.
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
Germans should think a year how to plug keyboard correctly and discuss it with 100 people, only after that they will make it :D It is their menthality.
HellRaisers vs Epsilon
There is only one russian in the team, lol.
Natus Vincere vs ESG!
Who cares about LAN? It's online, baby! The story shew many examples of swedes boys who played incredible at home but at LAN sucked dicks.
Internet is more dangerous than TV because it cannot be totally controlled by the government, so any guy can wash your brain using video clips (herewith these people follow their own hidden purposes)....
Guys, stop being so stupid, please. It is obviously that national TV channels wash brains: Russian TV to Russians, Ukrainian to Ukrainians, USA and British to WHOLE world. Do not watch fucking TV and ...
Natus Vincere vs GamePub
GamePub lost de_inferno because they didn't play aggressive when held the A plant on T side
AGAiN vs GamePub
Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina
VeryGames vs Clan-Mystik
dark - temniy; black - cherniy, vse pravil'no on imeet v vidu
NiP vs NiP 2005
Finally they decided to create a LAN server.
NiP vs NiP 2005
I don't think so
NiP vs NiP 2005
Hope both teams will use some standard tactics for the interest
Natus Vincere vs VeryGames
Anyway they will fix it in the future