Fuck, I don't give a fuck about you, fuck it, listen, which car you have, fucking flats, or even some fucking nascar there, yachts, I don't give a fuck, even 'Bentley', even fucking 'Maybach', or 'Rolls-Royce', or even 'Bugatti', fuck, even hundred-meter yacht, I don't give a shit about it, you understand? How much who you fuck, which hoes, which I mean, the most beautiful or satin, fuck, if you fly into space, I don't give a shit, you understand? I'm so fucking filled in my knowledge, as if I already one hundred trillion billion years, fucking living on trillions and trillions of planets like this Earth, this world is absolutely understandable for me, and I'm looking for only one fucking thing here - rest, appeasement and this harmony, from merging with the infinitely eternal, from contemplation great fractal similarity and from this wonderful all-unity beings, infinitely eternal, wherever you look, even deep into - infinitely small, even upward - infinite big, you understand? And you again with this fucking, keep worrying, this is your distribution, this is your way, and it's your horizon of knowledge and feeling of your nature, he immeasurably small compared to mine, do you understand? I feel myself like a deep old man, immortal, or almost immortal, who's on this planet from its very inception, even when only the sun formed just like a star, and this gas-dust cloud, this, after the explosion of sun, when it flared up, like a start, started to form these coacervates, planets, you know, I'm on this Earth already as if I have been fucking living for almost five billion years and I know her up and down, and you are saying me about... I don't give a fuck about your cars, about your fucking yachts, flats, weal. I was on this planet an endless set, and better than Caesar, and better than Adolf, and better than all the greats, you understand, was, and somewhere was shitty scum, even worse than here. I feel many of these states. Somewhere I was more like a plant, somewhere I was more like a bird, or a worm, somewhere just a clot of stone, it's all a soul, you understand? It has edges of similarity, which are quite diverse, there are infinite number of them. But you are not the one to understand it, so fucking ride for yourself, we kind of live in this world with different sensations and different aspirations, respectively, different our place, and different our distribution. I wish all the best cars for you to have, and all the best does to open their pussies for you, to open their gaps for you, topsy-turvy, fuck, in front of you like a carpet, I mean, unfold, open, uncover, and then you fucked them before the blisters come out, before your faces will be red, see, like a setting sun, and I wish you to ride on the best yachts, and flying on the planes and cumming from the porthole, and doing everything that could come or not to your mind, if you have a lack of ideas, contact me, I will offer you for each of your ideas a hundred trillion how to do everything. And I'm done, walking like a deep old man, who saw the eternal, touched the Divine, himself became godlike, and is directed into this infinite, and who is at rest, appeasement, harmony, grace, dwells in this innermost bliss, involved in everything and everyone, you know, and that's all, that's our difference. So I go to admire the universe, and you go to be filled with some frontiers, that's the whole difference, you know, you do not see this eternal infinite, you don't need it. Well, on the other hand, you are, how to speak, more active, like this pecking woodpecker, or an ant, which is very active in its path, so come on, our paths here, of course, have the edges of similarity, because everything is united, but I understand you perfectly, and you I hardly think understand me, because I kind of contain you in myself, all your nature, it contains one small grain of sand from what is in me, so that's all, come on, go, drive, and I went to enjoy a fucking beautiful autumn on the shore of warm southern river. Well, fucking go, plow-go, and I'm fucking going so.

My compass:

And now it's all on GuardiaN, will try hold the AWP and get the shot onto apEX, is he gonna tryna go huge it? KennyS on site, straight in his face, does it in the NOSCOPE, does it in the pistol, OH MY GOD, KENNYS!!! WHATCHU BELIEVE IT! THE BALLS ON THE MENS AND GO FOR THAT PLAY, and make it, 5-3 NAVIiii

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