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TYLOO vs HellRaisers
Is this even CS? The number of mistakes, I can't believe it.
Complexity vs Prospects
Yeah. ZpG and Kkona forfeited too. I think those teams that forfeited would probably win their matches which is funny and sad for the teams that would like the opportunity.
Complexity vs Prospects
Agreed. OpTic did not show up for the online qualifiers of MLG Major few months ago. I do not understand these teams
BOT valens
-dd2 +nuke +new map 2nd december!!!
Yeah sure
-dd2 +nuke +new map 2nd december!!!
I've always liked de_nuke. You can do a lot of splits on it once you have the yard control. If there is one map that should be removed from the pool I think it is de_inferno. It is so figured out at t...
Koreans in csgo
-Spiidi +NiKo @ mouz
Those kind of mistakes shouldn't happen in a major, I agree.
-Spiidi +NiKo @ mouz
I think nex and chrisJ underperformed. Had they performed on their usual level it could have been a different story for them in the major
Envy vs Natus Vincere
I wonder when we'll see the pick/ban phase shown properly on the stream or it's just ESL events I don't know
CPH Wolves vs LDLC White
Yes they haven't changed so many players officially but they haven't been so stable. Norwegian scene has a potential to have 2 really good teams. I just hope that we can see it in 2015
CPH Wolves vs LDLC White
Changes in LGB again? Hope this time it will last more than few weeks so we can see another good team
Joe Miller
1.6 ddk. That's new I guess?
yam's moustache
Gob B = DaZeD?
I can't imagine what would happen now that betting is involved