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valorant player don't deserve a second chance. And 95% of ex cs players, valorant players rn are really washed-up: Hiko, brax, wardell. daps. mixwell, pyth, ardiis, lowel, Sahzam, sick, deph, dead fox...
Which football (soccer) team do you support?
Barcelona best
#21 NAF #22 Mantuu
seeing that xantares didn't make it up on the list really made me sad, and mantuu aswell
ZywOo about dev1ce
honestly he's right, but this year, statwise, it was s1mple's year bs hltv rank only the stats and even tho vitality won a lot, navi did a good job in kato, which seems to be the most important thing ...
NiP vs BIG??????????????????????????
only cobble
Make your team
Toxic woxic i think it's in a big shit rn whit all the things he has done in c9. Xizt didn't go for Valorant from what i know and c'mon... he's like older than my father. And with spinx you are right...
Faze karrigan
and who will igl?
Make your team
So the core will consist in Flusha (igl) Autimatic (2nd awper) SuNny (entry/rifler) Ottond (Awper) EspiranTo (rifler) And the rotation guys will be: Woxic (awper) Spinx (rifler and mainly bc he is ta...
For the games, sticker, observing and pass it's Starladder 2019. For the feeling of the event i think it's the London major because it was a like really really boring tournament. It wasn't the people ...
1. ZywOo 2. s1mple 3. device 4. NiKo 5. blamef 6. ropz 7. electronic 8. Syrson 9. dupreeh 10. stavn 11. hunter 12. elige 13. magisk 14. brollan 15. yuurih 16. k0nfig 17. mantuu 18. xantares 19. Syrson...
Was Shroud cheating?
shroud fan xD what a sad kid
idk if u're a hungarian and create this acc to troll romanian teams or just a sad kid but you're so cringe
possible top 20 in 2020
i think niko doesn't deserve a top 5 place and xantares should be higher bc he was unbelievable this year