"My username is 1979 Mazda RX-7 FB. Its unique and cant be called gay due to being a car"

"It depends how it works.
In brazil, they let you choose, i picked Air force, i actually flight a Gripen jet plane over amazon jungle and i missiled an airplane of drug dealers from Venezuela.
i heard them b4 get killed saying on the radio" no companero, no, por favor, no no no no no "


"Shaving ass is kinda gay tho. If you clean your house, surely you expect a visitor?"

"hot milk

so underrated beverage

also feels nice if u pour it all over ur body"

"this feeling when you are against cool wall and and big cock is getting sucked hard but I dont wanna nut in mouth it wont feel good"

"m8 i aren't think HLTV is good for you if you trying to kill cancer"

"last time i met a romanian he threatened to send his trained sewer rats to eat me alive"

"their cellebration is like a guy who just got results from STDS exam and tested negative for AIDS"

"To start with, don't care, OP is a simp and incel

to end with, she's physically bigger than that cum stain on the right"

"what's you with love mens?

is being a homoesxuality?"

"hey im a girl, please send me a picture of your dick and family"

"ENCE will win the major, you can quote me on this.
2020-03-04 17:42"

"nothing really weird about this. just yekindar playing with a toaster gpu which displays smokes differently. another indication that the online era sucks."

"valve should put graffiti there for this play!!!

wheelchair on mirage a site"

"made 1$ profit in the past half an hour thanks valve no more moss for dinner"

"Jeez i want Frankie to sit on my face. I love her so much. Pet me Frankie"

"man..... stop, just because u like in swirth.... thats not means that Brazil is a

"dw faze will go to henryg c9 orgy he spent millions of dollars on. They will have gay sex, do not fear :D"

"Israel flag
Rarity: Contraband"

"the more the waves coming the best

im surfer"

"please don't, just eat tsome taco plaese men men please, dont do drugs dont use drugs dont drugs, please mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndoaekfoaefkorejkt4o35435425421"

"wait a minute, this isn't a beach, this is a bathtub"

"why most users with Finland flag, acts like retards ?

seriously, more dumb than polish.

i don't get it"

"Next time wipe the cum before going to sleep"

"Missing JaCkz, he needs a bigger thing to chew."

"50 euros, ENCE jersey, three IRL ENCE stickers and a monthly double blowjob from allu and natu"

"They are both very intelligent and Greta is already 18 so they can have sex
and go there (to Mars) for the better future of humanity.

"First step: you should get a doctorate in psychology in order to deal with this mentally ill community."

"niko: kenny wake the fuck up man!

kenny: you are m00ted"

"faze didnt kick he, hes retire bro stfu"

"???? XDD
You don't know shit about my country and comparing it to blacks history is just hilarious"

"wear them a bit longer and then sell them to me without washing them ;)"

"it's when 2 mutual girl friends tell you to save your nut for 6 days. Not because they are freaky but they like it hard and get hard multiple times like their personal toy. I dont think thats beta."

"Thank you for inspiration I'll finally become lettuce now"

"Then your asshole must be beautiful."

"what you love penis you to ?"

"Does she know me - No
Have you ever talked to her - On my computer screen
Rate her - 10
Institution? - She is an anime girl that attends the University of Tokyo
Are you a good looking guy - My mom tells me yes"

"russki "russki" russki (gambit)"

"where are my 5'8 kings on hltv

edit: you guys are mean >:("

Going to start adding the users and links to the threads now - thanks for the suggestion Jonty04132!

"from cotton farmed by little child hands" - superkrakeling

"recently i forgot to cut my thumbnail and started shooting like a schizophrenic
and speaking
mens(((" - zalupa337

"mudsharks" - corneliuzeleacodreanu

"my wifes boyfriend is black, hes a really good guy so have to say 8/8" - Foxxyownz

"train" - stay_drinkwaterandstuff_my_guy

"uhmmmm i cum

i love sex" - SpecterKing

"GOOD MORNING N-word" - noonegg - cringe_police

"Manly hairy
Face, chest, legs, arms, knuckles" - MoesiaThraceMacedonia

"Bigfoot?" - NiceTryProdka

"Everytime merkel comes on tv i get a raging boner" - heakalele

"You can buy me! (please)" - Starladder_1_Major_S1mple_0

"I saw chickens while having sex. Famele one was young. Male one was his father probably. Disgusting. Ain't gonna eat chicken anymore." - sonbafrali

"my man !!! rain need to go valorant !!!!" - UmadRussian

Another moderation thread gone in less than a minute:

"semphis" - jimmybelgium


"ofcourse they will
-mom,they are cheating
etc" - kazakh_matchfixer

"Knees weak, balls are heavy." - TheDEA

"I use dildo too haha

The B pillar I just call it "pillar"" - never_wrong

"You probably cried about the same van mens)) You share something outside hltv thats hot ! You should HUG and kiss !" - Grobiz

A very interesting photo provided by mrosen111
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I think it's just a meme at this point. I see more spam about XANTARES during the matches that he doesn't play in than during the ones where he actually plays. Besides should anyone get upset over som...
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boombl4 not able to frag,makes navi lose
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Gambit plastic flairs flooded hltv
When teams gain momentum and start performing well they get new fans. That's just the way it works. You start seeing more of their games and then you might realize that you really like a certain roste...
I'll make a short list with explanations as of why. - FaZe So many talented players to watch, especially now that they got Twistzz and karrigan rejoined to make some structure within the team. - mouse...
faceit queue
You have really high K/R, so it's honestly surprising that you aren't winning games. Here's a bump so you'll hopefully find people to play with. :) GL
I really like 1024x768 on black bars, but on stretched it feels a bit weird in my opinion (I've still used that in the past as well). I also used 1152x864 stretched for quite some time, but I eventual...
How many usernames can you remember?
You remembered me! :D
fun fact about Brazil
Cool fact, I'll come to Brazil now.
The dream :(
Why hate on Gambit? Great team with very good teamwork and structure.
"OnLInErZ" please be quiet
Upsets happen anyway, LAN or not. They are still deserved wins even if it was lucky. And I agree about the second part. The situation is pretty much the same for everyone (if you don't count ping, bu...