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"My username is 1979 Mazda RX-7 FB. Its unique and cant be called gay due to being a car"

"It depends how it works.
In brazil, they let you choose, i picked Air force, i actually flight a Gripen jet plane over amazon jungle and i missiled an airplane of drug dealers from Venezuela.
i heard them b4 get killed saying on the radio" no companero, no, por favor, no no no no no "


"Shaving ass is kinda gay tho. If you clean your house, surely you expect a visitor?"

"hot milk

so underrated beverage

also feels nice if u pour it all over ur body"
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FaZe come
I wouldn't really go that far, but yeah he was a big part of it. But then on the other hand coldzera and rain sacrificed their stats for the team and I think under a good IGL and proper team structure...
FaZe come
I would just sign AZR. The FaZe core has enough firepower, most of the players just need to get activated so they can play their best CS under good structure. coldzera is a beast, but he was lacking f...
-huNter- +Kjaerbye
Is VP cis dreamteam?
+1 Glad to see them perform anyway!
Could NiKo's arrival solve G2 CS issues?
SPUNJ as a coach could actually be really good ngl.
Could NiKo's arrival solve G2 CS issues?
I think now that NiKo is no longer in FaZe, YNk might not be the problem and besides most coaches got banned. But yeah I hope they sign an IGL now, maybe someone like AZR? I think AZR in FaZe would r...
Both teams are doing good so why would you go for roster changes?
Could NiKo's arrival solve G2 CS issues?
As much as I like NiKo I totally agree with you. I still hope that this will be good for both FaZe and G2.
G2 Top 1.
in a month*
Niko did nothing wrong
I hope FaZe pick up AZR. It would be good for AZR and the team, since they are in a desperate need of a good IGL who can activate rain, coldzera and Kjaerbye. And imo the team already has enough firep...
G2 Top 1.
I can already imagine the voice comms :D
G2 Top 1.
I really hope this works out for FaZe and G2.
-NiKo +who?
+1 I really hope FaZe pick up AZR now, since it would be good for both. AZR can join a team with really good players and maybe even improve himself as a player if he moves to EU.
How old are you?
You have to change your flair to OK
Ngl at first I was a bit worried how this would end up, but glad to see I was wrong! hampus has done a good job IGLing in NiP. Let's just hope they'll keep their form up!