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Can confirm, i_play_b_rotation is very good at bait setups.
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FACEIT Levels vs MM Ranks
This seems pretty accurate in my opinion as well. Not sure how it is in other regions though. Edit: #2 made a valid point though.
lvl 10 and lvl 4
I wouldn't go as far as saying most level 10s play like level 4s, but I still understand your point and agree to some extent. I am hovering around levels 7-8 and I play with a level 10 and a level 6...
Best utility team?
Astralis uses their nades in the most effective way, but I feel like BIG comes up with a lot more unique nades and a more innovative approach.
Almost as good as i_play_b_rotation himself.
I have bad aim. Help!
+1 to this. I feel like this is probably the comment here so far with the most accurate descriptions. What I'd like to add to the sensitivity part is hop on an offline server on any map and just move...
I think it was kz_otakuroom, but I am not totally sure. I suck at remembering KZ map names. :D Still a bit annoyed since I was so close to the end and I have never played that map before.
I was just about to finish a 26 min long KZ run and right at the last minute it throws me out because of the update. :( Turns out it's just more stuff regarding the skin contest, some small map chang...
Team spirit merch
Looks quite nice actually.
FaceIT players come
Just as #2, #5 and #10 said. Playing on hubs/clans with fellow countrymen will make it much nicer since you can relate more to your teammates and comms shouldn't be an issue. Maybe try adding all the ...
Jame -hair
I think that also looks good on him, but I will miss the longer hair. :(
Happy birthday degster
Happy birthday to degster! He seems like a genuinely kind and caring person and I wish nothing but the best for him! :) <3
Happy birthday degster
He knifed me during that stream. :D
faceit idiots
Looking at your post, it does seem like you are part of the problem as well. Telling others not to be toxic meanwhile you are writing like that seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me. ^^ As for the a...