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Age 35
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Signed up 2008-10-04
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Ex semi-pro player.
Still active in E-Sport.
Owner of old school ex mIRC channel #pro.pracc .
ex TEAMS :
Dziwne Dni !
Top Polish teams back in the day 2000-2005.
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ISLAM in the uk
Hi mate. Its hard to be a muslim this days. But if only 10% of them are bad, and rest is ok. Then stop them , its around 1 billion muslim it the world. You can crash them 10% easy. But for the police ...
Muslim hate
As long you are normal do not get tricked by other ppl abusing you or any religion. Its completely up to you what you believe , and what you are doing.
Muslim hate
turbosaka WoooW. Its a first time someone said about Katyn. As well Russians are normal , and the same like any one here. We all accept muslim religion , but they dont accept a lot of any other religi...
ISLAM in the uk
Muslim hate
WTF...... WTF How they can talk like that. Its freedom , you can do whatever you want. What the HELL !!!
Muslim hate
Son of a stupid Polish or any other .... Great mate , you as bad as him. As well as you new on HLTV , you not showing nothing good with trash talking about ppl mothers. Missing the people from days ...
New Rate Settings
Hi i did send u private msg , please help as i cant play last 2 weeks:(
Captain , hi mate. Dont you worry about english language. People are confuse , this is international website. So everyone have to use english. Non of the admin's or normal users will complaining a...
LG ruined NiP's plan
Wrong topic , miss click.
who is jOELZ?
hahaha lovet ;]
who is jOELZ?
TSM top 1?
Raru i dont really care but you ranking is not close to bad one , its very bad.
Worst major ever?
dont worry about them - 3rd world country or whatever they saying - just fu.k them dude ( russia LOL sick atom bomb terrorist ) france - just ignore them, they are eating frogs.
ESL ONE KATOWICE 2015 streams
they said pov stream will work http://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2xnuc6/dear_esl_can_you_bring_back_pov_streams_featuring/cp1yoyo thanks for answer
ESL ONE KATOWICE 2015 streams
check this out http://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2xnuc6/dear_esl_can_you_bring_back_pov_streams_featuring/cp1yoyo thanks