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Age 35
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Signed up 2008-10-04
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Ex semi-pro player.
Still active in E-Sport.
Owner of old school ex mIRC channel #pro.pracc .
ex TEAMS :
Dziwne Dni !
Top Polish teams back in the day 2000-2005.
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Stat's and skill arent everything
Can agree any more , especially im around 18 years !
G2 vs Virtus.pro
G2 should win , but after VP won both games against Gambit and Faze you never know about this guys on LAN. And you support who ever you like , nothing wrong with it. I hope guys you home country will ...
G2 vs Virtus.pro
I didnt see know one saying they are top 1 , they are 13th i think didnt check ranking. Any way in good day every one can bit every one
G2 vs Virtus.pro
Thats the possibility but i will say 50-50 for now at least for me
G2 vs Virtus.pro
thats a good comment bro , agree
G2 vs Virtus.pro
Nice comment , but every game is different. I will say 50-50 but it can be 1 team show , you never know its only a game everything can happened
G2 vs Virtus.pro
hahah guys u are crazy. Stop fighting with each other , never easy vs G2. But i hope you right BigCannon
G2 vs Virtus.pro
They are top 2 for sure atm maybe top 1 , not me to decide. VP is VP you never know when they will activate plow mod
G2 vs Virtus.pro
Some times you play good , other days you playing shit. It is what it is , every team got problems every now and again. Look on faze before , NiP Navi teams frrom USA , fnatic g2just start showing up ...
G2 vs Virtus.pro
You are right , but thats about any other team. When Faze loose last game vs VP half ppl on the stream was saying disband. As you can see im with hltv long time , so most of the old school users are g...
G2 vs Virtus.pro
Thats you opinion. I think VP can win vs every top team ( as most of the top teams) if they have a good day. They done fantastic job already , and we have a chance to activate the plow. So i will say ...
Virtus.pro vs PRIDE
Thats have no sense what you are talking about. So first you have hltv global ranking , VP is TOP13 , AGO is on 26th place - so alrdy you should better understand it. Second football example - Its l...
Astralis vs FaZe
Its absolutely disgusting how most of you are behaving. Every time someone loose , you are abusing players , trash talking , disbaning teams. Then you start arguing with each other , witch will eventu...
ISLAM in the uk
Hi mate. Its hard to be a muslim this days. But if only 10% of them are bad, and rest is ok. Then stop them , its around 1 billion muslim it the world. You can crash them 10% easy. But for the police ...
Muslim hate
As long you are normal do not get tricked by other ppl abusing you or any religion. Its completely up to you what you believe , and what you are doing.