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Ex semi-pro player.
Still active in E-Sport.
Owner of old school ex mIRC channel #pro.pracc .
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Top Polish teams back in the day 2000-2005.
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Illuminar vs FATE
GG ILLUMINAR , finally Polish team start playing good, lets go boys ! Mocek strong , Janusz you are my favorite for a long time , since i did invite you to my mirc channel :) years ago around 2004 :)...
100 Thieves vs Chaos
leaf knows everyone watching so mow he is clean :)
pasha was kicked out of fpl
I think this same , and you surprise me with you correct comment , because he is way better then average lvl 10 in faceit , his last 5 matches on fpl - you cant see any different between him and oth...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
he just said that you are talking bullshit and you still support him ?? That guy wrote some bullshit (trashtalk, bait whatever you call it. Dude i said what i think about byali , i did play with Taz b...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
talking yes , spelling no - thats the fact , and i did respond to him in the nice way. whatever he said , you are doing this same - with trashtalk , bait whatever you call it. Age doesnt mather , and ...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
i said true , and calling someone retarded have nothing to do with english - im 30+ and how can you be pretty sure of someone or something if you dont know me - cosidering what you wrote - I guess yo...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
what i mean is , on byali streams in the past , every time he get shoot its some kind of the moaning , crying etc.. because of that i dont like it , to watch bylai , but this game was so good that i d...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
first of all , check my hltv account , im here since 2008 so im not young dude like you Then i can speak on a good lvl , spelling wise - who cares - only you dude And last but not least - this is inte...
AVEZ vs Wisla Krakow
Swietny mecz - naprawde swietny - chociaz nie lubie byaliego za jego plakanie zawsze gdy padnie - jak dziewczyna - ale ten mecz piekny gg panowie. A great match - really great - although I don't ...
Why hire S****J in HLTV LIVE?
Agree with that . And Prof is sitting and smilling like a doll , and in the past he was active on here and rdy to punish someone for bad words. And now on live show some SPLASH SPUNJ bollocks take a ...
Envy vs Bad News Bears
i wanna say broky , but he is actually 2nd best in the team and i will not say that. So olof is the only one in the team with KD ratio 0.93. Rest players got above 1kd , so i will more likely say ...
Envy vs Bad News Bears
I know that Faze will be shit again after they will change thhe player. But in long term they will benefit from it. And its about top 1 in the world , not top 10. Its was only my idea.
Envy vs Bad News Bears
Michu is a beast. And he was as well when did join VP. But after while as all we know VP stop perfom. And MICHU at this time as well. Maybe lets try him in Faze ?
Astralis vs fnatic
flusha is back and we an see different fnatic , is it flusha who is calling ?
Virtus.pro vs Heroic
very close match , it can go either way .wp both teams !