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Ex semi-pro player.
Still active in E-Sport.
Owner of old school ex mIRC channel #pro.pracc .
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Dziwne Dni !
Top Polish teams back in the day 2000-2005.
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Astralis vs fnatic
flusha is back and we an see different fnatic , is it flusha who is calling ?
Virtus.pro vs Heroic
very close match , it can go either way .wp both teams !
Idk why , on the Major Aleksib didnt said nothing about it , a part of thank you etc... Maybe someone from Finland know something , and want to share that with us here ?
Sometimes you need a time to adapt , but kicking Aleksib , after ENCE went to top 5 in the world , why ? They cant expect that they will go to top 1 - they was still playing good. WHy they did kick hi...
Tricked vs Virtus.pro
in the game not everyone have to put the numbers. VP slowly going UP , you should be happy about it ! You are fan of VP , why do you pick on VP players, support them dude
OpTic vs FaZe
He did improve om the Major why did you kick Neo , Karrigan is the problem , Neo is the problem. Jess Faze , you are the problem guys
NoChance vs Aristocracy
ESL pro league on LAN - they did well. They won DreamHack last year , and they are in top 30 teams in the world. TAz make this time 1 years ago i guess. So i think its well play by Arcy. NoChance wha...
NoChance vs Aristocracy
GG Arcy
Youngsters vs Winstrike
Youngsters vs Winstrike
any stream or goTV?
Aristocracy vs Tricked
is 2019 bro , not 1985 , chill you tits out Pahom
Wind and Rain vs Virtus.pro
well maybe yes but they are on LAN 5 in one place
Spirit vs Virtus.pro
Snax and byali should focus more on cs not on other game , its just my opinion. Byali was not happy last time when people said that , but i remember JW mention this as well , on FPL game to Taz , whe...
Wind and Rain vs Virtus.pro
OMFG cmon guys !!!!!!!!!!!
Stat's and skill arent everything
Can agree any more , especially im around 18 years !