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NAVI 2010 vs Natus Vincere
China lose?
you seem butthurt everytime i call you a CCP bot. i can tell you have a very good life, you get to defend your leader and his friends on the internet, getting to eat raw rats and bats in your modern c...
China lose?
60 average iq? your CCP should have told you to say 40 iq but its alright they must be busy inventing another virus. You are brainwashed af lmao you are not even defending china just attacking india l...
China lose?
Dumb argument but expected from a CCP bot. You call other countries media brainwashed media while you eat whatever shit your media feeds you. You are so sad having to fake flag to defend your winnie-t...
China lose?
No, most of the people don't accept caste system, but first what is caste system in 2020? basically, lower caste cant be priest because of caste system and the benefits are like reserved seats for sch...
China lose?
easy to find crap on world's largest democracy. meanwhile, chinese government controlling the internet and silencing people and still not able to hide the torture and atrocities done to the people.
China lose?
your leader, xi jinping, got offended by winnie-the-pooh. stfu please.
Twitch problem
Click View Site Information "that lock on top left" then click cookies then go to blocked then click on then allow
Natus Vincere vs Spirit
mens))) come here
Happy Birthday!!! mens))))
Natus Vincere vs
Lets go NAVI! Just 2 more wins!!
s1mple even baiting on tinder i cant tell??!!