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VAC is a joke
I completely gave up on MM 2 weeks ago. Played an inferno map against 1 guy having 40k all deagles 1 taps with aimbot cos during the warmup up said we are cheating and he never ever got vac. Volvo is ...
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Why would any1 kick coldzera? You are funny af, tell me what niko did in the last games and cold didn't? 😂😂
perfume, cologne, or nothing?
Dior intense/sauvage, gucci guilty, bvulgari man in black, farenheit, tom ford i used. The best for now remains either sauvage or guilty from gucci but i guess depends on your age.
Hard Legion vs GamerLegion
HardGamers vs Legioners lul
first time a csgo match warmed my heart
Ns bro, my 1st faceit game ( i was nova 3 i believe ) ended up 29-27 or smth like this xD. Even if u have bad teammates, don't give up
IGL tier list
Funny how you put in D players like karrigan abd golden. Once the lans will be back, both players will be among 1st 5 teams with their teams. Bot
German TOP3 in Faceit legit?
Judging by all globals users of hltv he is clean. This is 100% legit WH :) . If will catch faceit admins attention he will be insta banned, no need sherlocks, clear as daylight
I rate you as player
Fav Gun : Deagle Role : Awp/Entry/Baiter for the team Sensitivity: 2 Dpi : 1600 Zoom sens : 1 cl_righthand : 1 rank : LEM soloQ : Y and N
s1mple GOAT proof
Boys stfu pls. Its like saying messi isnt the greatest cos he didnt win the wc. S1mples skill > nt to convice yourself isnt true
dust 2
Kebab map. Ez. Very good map, no need to delete it or replace
Favorite russian phrase from MM?
Karos, davai blyatt
Faze should consider him definitely