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Ok so basically, Na'Vi is very good with best player s1mple!

You might say : "Oh, but ZywOo is clearly better than s1mple".
To that I'll say, i dont care. they both very good but s1mple bestest in my heart!

"If vitality come back i'll change my flair for a month" - bestest_team
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s1mple fix
Navi :(
#1 says otherwise when u look at the original post you commented on. Why wouldn't it be painful for you to watch Astralis dominate on Train when you know they're going to be fighting Vitality in the ...
Navi :(
Train is the best map for Na'Vi. Sadly Astralis prepped really well for them there.
Navi :(
Did u fear Na'Vi getting to the grand finals and beating Vitality? If I was you and was confident in Vitality I would've wanted Na'Vi to win to prove a point in the Grand Finals and beat them there.
s1mple chokes again
Did he really though? Astralis beat Na'Vi. Device vs s1mple had nothing to do with this, #8.
s1mple chokes again
How was that choking against device? Did u forget inferno already? 1.82 rating on a map HE LOST
Astralis just read them well. The better team today. No point in hating Na'Vi for this performance.
No real #1 right now
At the moment top 1 team is Vitality 100% Na'Vi and Astralis definetly contend but because VITALITY are on such a streak i feel like it's safe to say they're the #1 team.
B1T nickname
i reckon it's bit.
6th man.
When he's on you can feel it. Glad to see him on form! Feels like this series is a 3 mapper.
BIG vs Astralis
S1mple's salary?
Link ur steam / faceit mr. professional. Also what's ur argument? Link any CIS pros that have said in the recent 2 years that they wouldn't want to be in a team with s1mple.
S1mple's salary?
Source? The last reports of s1mple being a toxic teammate (from actual pros) came when he joined Na'Vi. Which was in 2016 ( After that not...