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NA in Valorant
I mean.........yeah they did. People like steel and brax could never hope to make a career in CS due to matchfixing bans. People like Hiko are washed and this is a way to prolong their careers and mak...
00Nation Coldzera
With fnx on the team it will never work. He just isn't good anymore and hasn't been for a long time. Even fer hasn't been good recently
00Nation Coldzera
Fallen's offer to play with such great players like fer and fnx in 2021
Thorin is always on some WWE shit, he's a grown man he should act like it
MAD Lions vs Unique
Seems like Unique is about to drop their roster or disband
WORST day of your life?
Too many bad days to remember tbh. When I have 1 good day the next 10 are gonna be bad. Some people are just meant to live life like that sadly.
+vini last dance
Remove fnx and fer, add some young players and maybe you can have a decent team.
Sprout vs Nemiga
IDISBALANCE > degster, bring him back to Spirit
forZe vs Entropiq
Forze is really going down to advanced. Sad.
The stand in squad from Argentina was better for OFFSET than this roster
Your most controversial opinion
The rise of B1T made Monesy less important for Navi, and considering S1mple is only 24 he probably won't get a chance ever to play for them as a starter. I don't see CSGO being popular as an esport i...
Jame top at IEM Winter 2021
You literally don't watch the matches lmao Jame drops when it's needed
xqc fans in chat
I've seen a few clips of xqc and the guy honestly seems mentally challenged