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KennyS Why
Flag checks out with CS knowledge, 0/8
PGL WTF ??? tickets
This was YEARS AGO in 2016
PGL WTF ??? tickets
59 EUR *
PGL WTF ??? tickets
PGL WTF ??? tickets
That's normal? I was at Cologne once and the ticket was 47 eur?
ZywOo strikes again?
What if Liquid win against Astralis and then go on to win against Vitality? I can see this happening. No need to get cocky it's all over and done.
sergej needs to rifle and give up AWPing 🤦‍♂️ he is a pure rifler with insanely good aim he needs to give up AWP, not his department....
Possible G2 roster changes
What do you mean, he's already full AWPing lol. JackZz is insane entry I believe they need consistent T1 AWPer and they are top 1 EZ
G2 *HAVE* to win IEM Fall
FaZe vs G2 LAN Final, that would be a BANGER of a story/match lol
Driver's License
Ikr, I learned driving abroad and had my driving license abroad. In India, there is no lane discipline no driving etiquette nothing every man for himself here. And in rush hour traffic it's CHAOS lol....
Driver's License
Pretty sure you would have passed it here KEKW, only have to make an 8 and reverse in H. Literally anyone can do it.
i guess ur rank
Most of those hours I spent in PISTOL hs only DM and just DM and retakes. I only play FACE IT nowadays.
i guess ur rank
Extremely wrong, LEM.
i guess ur rank
1.3k I am really good with pistols, I'd say USP-S and AK-47. I like FaZe, but the individual is ZywOo. I can play all the maps in Competitive map pool, including ancient. I know all the smoke/flash/m...