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Won't the MIBR trio just play in a new org?
If they do this it would be the dumbest idea ever, MIBR was a great org paying them a big house to live, food, travels etc The org never was the problem , the problem is on the core I really hope th...
Why people hates so much on fallen he’s a legit humble guy. Fer is way more toxic if you’d spoke Portuguese you would understand. I can’t stand that guy
This is disgusting.
dead LMFAO
He should just be a man and confess at this point
dead LMFAO
Yep. Does the camera moving is him or the people that recorded the clip? It was him confirmed?
dead LMFAO
Thank you. It think most of people here Thinks the same but this constant always fight mood on the comments section turns a lot of reasonable guys on trolls XD
dead LMFAO
Well recent bad performance is not a way to destroy their image. True fans, like me, cheered for the team in the good and bad moments, even before CSGO when they won a major in CS 1.6. But when you h...
dead LMFAO
Well, this make things worse for him. He said he didn’t have the players any info on this round, but that’s really hard to prove if he doesn’t have the audio backing up his story. If I was him I woul...
Richard Lewis MIBR
I said he’s a MIBR hater not FURIA
Richard Lewis MIBR
The MIBR cast is destroying the history of the TAG, and fer is cocky as fuck But this fat ass Richard Lewis is a known MIBR hater and will write anything to make Brazilian players look like villains...
Oh my god this is so embarrassing. Pls disband so we don’t have to suffer anymore.
why canadians hate people from quebec? i went skiing in canada in february and every canadian that i met made jokes about people from quebec
are you dumb lol coldzera is like a god in the brazilian scene he gets some hate here because he made some toxic coments about other brazilians players who have fans as well
MIBR vs G2
A lot of people calling Brazilians monkeys.