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HEN1 = currently #16 best player in the world Broky = isn’t even the best player on his team
Also MCH is chato pra caralho
It’s okay when he’s streaming BR teams (Liquid, FURIA, O PLANO) and when the fucking annoying MCH isn’t casting with him. But it does suck when he’s streaming non-BR steams, as he turn the messages O...
Damn that was sick
Clip otherwise reported
Fallen god
Chelo to Furia
Chelo would be a sick addition. But maybe is going to be hard to get him released from mibr
iPhone 13
I don’t know why but I can recognize every android user who posts a selfie on Instagram.... the photo quality is awful, literally disgusting, even more on low light ambients.
BraZil 1.6
Back in the day the level of competition here in BR and in Europe Wasn’t so different. Maybe it became after 2008/2009 but in the first years you could say BR NA and EU had almost the same kind of sce...
Navi 2021= Liquid 2019
And he played so greatly this tournament. I was one of the people who asked for him to be kicked months ago but he really is showing himself lately. Gaules calls him “o demônio da areia” (Pit’s demon)...
Navi 2021= Liquid 2019
Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping. TL already have this “they always choke” mantra pairing on the air every time they’re on a stressful situation, but I honestly don’t know if those numerous past chokes ha...
Navi 2021= Liquid 2019
Let’s see on their next game against Vitality. FalleN said after the game that they couldn’t sleep till 6 or 7 am, and it did a huge damage on them. It’s to the coach and team psychologist to help th...