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"CS:GO pro scene inconvenient facts"

- Alot of pro player cheating even on online qualifications & lan events since cs 1.6 (silent aimbot, trigger, soundesp etc.)
- They are all good "friends".
- Pro players live from e-sport money.
- Skins & online real money bets = alot of money.
- Alot of matches was sold for skins and real money bets.
- Almost every pro player have second steam account for skins from bets.
- is project created and advertised ( tagnames on weapons) by pro players who can easly sell skins for real money.
- DDoS attacks in 80% matches are fake to explain sold matches
- Easy money, easy life.
- 9/11 was orchestrated by the american government
- The malaysia airplanes were shot down by americans
- Oswald had an accomplice and was bought by the ruskis
- Obama isn't a real american
- Jews control the global finance system
- BigFoot is in reality chewbacca running errands for luke
- Poland isn't a legitimate country
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