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Who replaces mezii c9
And? So i should not be a fan of more than one team or player ?like you who is a fangirl of one player lol Also how tf am i bandwagon for that? Im not even talking about the people whom i am not even ...
Who replaces mezii c9
Do you realize if that I am a bandwagon, you are one too? Look at your flag and flair lol Also you are the one saying woxic needs to be kicked based on one match and your replacement is smooya lol wh...
Who replaces mezii c9
Wow https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/11271/smooya?startDate=2020-11-02&endDate=2020-12-02
Who replaces mezii c9
Who replaces mezii c9
I meant he is picking the worst match in c9 which woxic played and basing his opinion on that
Who replaces mezii c9
So you just admitted to watching only one match of C9 and giving your opinion lol. How r******* are you?
I destroy every team
Only if that north roster would have 2019 kjaerbye lol
Who replaces mezii c9
what was the last c9 match you watched and what was the last smooya match you watched?
Video: ropz vs. Liquid
BTW Fnc 0 ban 3 majors S1mple 1 ban 0 Majors
Video: ropz vs. Liquid
Im not a fan of cheater unlike you tho. I cant change my flag its impossible but you are supporting a cheater, so its funny you judge others when they do it.
I destroy every team
Im actually laughing at "north roster lmao"
Chaos Valorant?
its not just your opinion, its the truth lol. Valorant is the retirement home or game where struggling teams in CS can shine. Tell me one tier 1 pro who left CS for Valulrant "CSGO Killer"
Time for a valve sanctioned World Cup after this pandemic!
Dude you list fkin Poland and not France? Oh okay they were just examples Anyways whats your roster for france
KRIMZ SUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Please dont tell me that you trust those comments. I could go write there that krimz is my gay dad, it wont mean it's true
Astralis vs GODSENT
He was navi fan before the match lol He is a plastic fan of all teams, not an astralis fan.