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Dignitas vs Eternal Fire
lol just watch the replays of all dignitas matches how many miracle comebacks how many ots how many 16-14 when its absolutely unnecessary lol they are almost there at skade level.
Dignitas vs Eternal Fire
basically the team you bet -2.5 on should win with 3 rounds difference.
Dignitas vs Eternal Fire
dignitas sold their souls to the devils and matchfixing for a long time at almost skade level why do you guys even bet on their matches lol
really stupid that godsent is in quarters and even took a map off nip CS is a literally garbage sport for esports.
OG vs Liquid
OG speedrun 0-2, 1-2 at max and out of tournament soon lmao. nothing new here folks move on.
OG vs Liquid
This trash roster had so many days to practice yet they are sucking dick against an already disbanded liquid smh. they are gonna be shit forever. 7-2 LOSE ECO GO FULL COMA lose game kekw.
NIP vs Astralis
Round over - Winner: CT (0 - 4) - Bomb defused Plopski defused the bomb Plopski killedk0nfig with m4a1_silencer (headshot) Plopski + device (assist) killedblameF with m4a1_silencer Plopski + REZ (assi...
nepo cause he dota 2 coach.
Tenz coming back to cs?
why so much hype about this garbage kid he was so overhyped at the beginning of csgo career aswell he later on turned to shit and flew to cartoon game
karrigan/fallen to coach
literally every team he now joins is a bad environment for him kekw. i.e washed up.
this is exactly the same replay of map 1 vs 1win. lmao now watch k23 stomp them on t side
Finest vs AGF
the perfect 16-11 . the perfect 16-14's this tourney is brilliant and best part is happens everyday and right under esic's noses lol
Dignitas vs BLINK
how to detect scam in csgo its ez just look at how many ots and 16-14 a tourney has :)) . ez money for bookies.