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NAVI Junior vs mouz NXT
sucking off celebrities and rich people
i never understood stanning actors i mean they already get paid a fuckton of money for their efforts . indians stanning for actors is way worse they fight kill each other over fanboyism they literally...
bankaPEPSI vs Spirit Academy
1xbet gave +4 odds for banka early rounds but always kept it closed . when this usually happens that means a huge 322 is incoming lol
bankaPEPSI vs Spirit Academy
yesterday they could play ct against finest now completely forgot ct but played t side so well ?. LOL very weird spirit.
bankaPEPSI vs Spirit Academy
kinda poetic that these dogs from forze kept fixing forever and now they can't win tier 3 leagues and now have no future whatsoever. Absolute karmic justice love it.
bankaPEPSI vs Spirit Academy
what are these insane amount of pauses are they calling spirit and threatening these kids to lose or something ? .lol
bankaPEPSI vs Spirit Academy
HE AND his gang focused on fixing more than improving so here we are lmao
100PG vs Peace Ducks
the most obvious ROUND throws from 100ping after they reach 15 they even pause to matchfix lmao . shit like this happens daily
PACT vs bankaPEPSI
why do you think these trash were kicked from forze lol i bet their 322 shenanigan's was too much to keep them in the roster.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
WOULD have been an interesting finals if gambit didn't choke now we have to watch a shitstomp for finals. sigh
G2 vs Natus Vincere
AMANEK only plus point was he was getting extremely crucial kills and important frags although he isn't a top tier awper he didn't do it whatsoever this game regardless of the bottom frag it was his o...