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Winstrike vs Project X
Winstrike vs Project X
i see winstrike was a semi matchfixing roster with krad and forester lmao they are a full matchfix roster now . this is what tier 2 cis cs is all about now just form a team with ppl who can hassle f...
plan-B vs SPARX
yep, no way these shitcunts get 14 rounds even against atn.
Sinners vs Project X
This is some pact skade fate forze level matchfixing . LMAO. project x just joining their ranks.
Sinners vs Project X
LOL just maximum obvious matchfixers this is the 1000th time i am seeing them do same and nobody even bats an eye. lol
Sinners vs Project X
Crisp Clear MATCHFIX as they are doing forever just watch the demos of all thier recent matches of project x lmao . ESIC you can find a lot of obvious lost integrity here
HellRaisers vs ex-ETHEREAL
13-10 ct side pick 2 awps have no idea how to play 2 awps and give pasha one awp = how to throw a lead.
HellRaisers vs ex-ETHEREAL
go buy some bitcoin brother . hahha
ttc vs NLG
Which stupid site lets you bet 1k ok this game .? Vpgame.?
Budapest Five vs NAVI Junior
best decision you made today.
Budapest Five vs NAVI Junior
1000% fixed 2-1 for navi 2nd map 20000% for navi thanks for bet site obvious odds
Budapest Five vs Lilmix
bruv, i didn't take hltv's percentage to count . my own after watching the series.
Budapest Five vs Lilmix
budapest are 95% gonna win map 3 . but my stupid ass is still gonna bet on lilmix , why am i like this.
ex-ETHEREAL vs VP.Prodigy
JUST STAY away from VP.P they are a disgrace to Vp organization ,
Lilmix vs VP.Prodigy
Lol not to this garbage named prodigh lol such a big difference between Dota and C's prodigy squads