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Sharks complete roster with chay, matios
1.02 rating in Br lul Even balerostyle would be better
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
Minus 0.94 rating as rifler and 1.20 as an awper HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA What a joke
00Nation unveil malbsMd as they part ways with trk
Oh yes vsm totally couldnt get 1.15 rating in NA premier level 🤓
Imagine complaining about M4a1 while AWP is in the game XDDDDDDD
Dm is inefficient
What kovaaks settings? 1 wall 6 targets is a joke, shooting stationary targets is almost worthless, it has nothing on having to microadjust on a moving target that's moving in a non-robotic way
Dm is inefficient
Kovaaks doesn't shoot back at you and can't mimic CS movement, pistol DM is better for raw aim
Dm is inefficient
Yes DM is good, but NiKo also plays 8+ maps of CS a day The hardest skill in CS is to efficiently hold angles while you're getting ferrari peeked, you can't practice that in DM You won't go anywhere w...
Dm is inefficient
"DM is inneficient" - random BOT "DM is cool" - NiKo with 500k stattrak kills Hmmmm who will I listen to...what a hard decision
FURIA announce addition of saffee
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK holy shit you're dumb 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 What a clown
FURIA announce addition of saffee 1.02 vs top 5 1.05 vs top 10 while winning 10% of the matches and entrying XDXDXD Zero IQ
FURIA announce addition of saffee
Now -drop +chelo
1.6 AWP vs CSGO AWP?
Hm wrong You are really trying to compare the crab peek behind an impenetrable wall that awpers do in CSGO to what they did in 1.6? Their best option was to jump, counterstrafe mid air and then hit a ...
1.6 AWP vs CSGO AWP?
And, are you dumb? I'm listing the counters that the AWP had in 1.6 that don't exist in CSGO anymore