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HLTV why????????
HLTV why????????
I did after the second video. Mofos name was "bob the builder" too like he was some innocent nice dude
HLTV why????????
Thing is sometimes knowing won't have the same effect. If you read up on people suffering in say Syria, you'd be like oh damn that's sad. But if you actually watch footage of how people live and what...
HLTV why????????
If they don't affect you then you've already become accustomed to it. Thats what human brain does, it adapts -- even in the most severe form of traumas. I feel like part of my fkin innocence got lost...
How to stop porn addiction?
I watch it every few days where I would go like 2-3 consecutive days of watching once a day, and then abstain like 3-4 days. Not sure if that counts as addiction.
HLTV why????????
When I was like 15 some retard on steam sent me gory videos. Back then I didn't know what liveleak even was. First video was a kid who jumped off a cliff and hit the edge of rocks or something before...
im losing my mind
Ik its a troll thread but most guys are legit retarded and gross so you probably wanna avoid dating men anyway. If you're actually a girl just go lesbian imo. Recently had a male coworker be creepy a...
funny girl story many people has a 16 year old even dated. Sounds like a cry for attention instead from her, but then again, for a 16 year old this is actually pretty damn normal. Goodluck (as long as you...
funny girl story
I mean...if it works. Also if someone says they are tired of dating "assholes", it makes them sound completely full of shit and oblivious of their own flaws. They likely have the tendency to blame th...
lineups u miss
stairs smoke on Mirage T side execute, every time...
lol I didn't even notice that earlier. Guy will think about it everyday at night for the next decade
mike tyson vs roy jones jr
RUSH's cam
Its HLTV dude what kinda responses are you expecting lmao