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Russia is a terrorist country, USA not.
Actually, USA also yes. USA sponsored terrorists before as well. Terrorists = Freedom fighters once they win. USA tries to destroy Chinese economy in trade war before they even did anything. Although,...
Russia is a terrorist country, USA not.
Countries that don't annex others like Russia to Ukraine.
Russia is a terrorist country, USA not.
You think if they would make a conspiracy theory that is so deep that they killed so many of their own people that they would fuck it up so bad that they randomly knocked down a third building as well...
Russia is a terrorist country, USA not.
not in school yet, still in kindergarden
navi HYPE thread
0 majors yes and name checks out ofc
navi HYPE thread
CSGO goat team? lol, s1mple goat yes, but not goat team.
Videogames are a waste of time
Its taken out of context. He was talking about people especially younger ones, that do just play games all the time and game 24/7.
LOL imagine thinking Liquipedia knows any inside information.
+1 hope he gets help
FaZe Clan.
What is proof then? Trust me bro? The whole team didn't listen to Karrigan's calls, even if it was Niko who first stopped believing in him doesn't mean he has an ego. How do you know Niko is not a pro...
Female CSGO
Men have a better hand-eye coordination and reaction times because they were primarily the hunters back in the day. Nearly all sports require either more muscles (which men have) or more hand-eye coor...
ZywOo GOAT ?
Me: 0 major finals choked. S1mple: 1 major final choked. I'm better that s1mple confirmed
boston major 2018
Sad for Guardian because he was the only one who performed in the Grand Finals. Niko choked hard.