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Enough with the hate on my team, we had 5 days of bar hopping and we nearly won against an fpl mix who has been toghether for 2 weeks. Give us some time to work on our mistakes before judging, we are doing everything we can to steal more paychecks. #FaZeUp

I feel who the caster is can impact heavily how much I like watching a particular game. I'm neither a fan of mute nor bad casters, so sometimes that's how it can be impactive for me, not even willing to watch a tier 1 match is an example. Like this NA caster(not to say it's a tier 1 match...Eg vs Trimph actually) just said how the number of matches they have casted which went to a 3rd map is so low...he really kinda stressed it..and then he said that the number is 7? Idk I was expecting like 2 or 3...5 at best...but 7?Even his colleague caster was dumbstruclk.

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