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Akuma vs ex-Marlian
I am lying to myself then. Also retarded video which starts with fallen clips. Vid made by 13 yr old, for 13 yr olds.
Shooting in club
Last time I was in paris was 10+ years ago. Was pretty fine back then. Regular big, touristy city. Never felt unsafe, but quite a few scummy people around like in every big city. People annoyed the fu...
Shooting in club
USA is big. Some places are dangerous, some full of underage girls getting pimped out, others full of backwards people and others are completely fine. It's a huge country...
Shooting in club
london trashiest city i have ever been in. Was there twice and hated it even more the second time.
HAVU vs Dignitas
If they finish in two maps they will probably have like 20minutes to join here. If it goes to 3 maps they will never manage to be on time here.
Religion in Mongolia
Expected. :( I am sorry
Religion in Mongolia
Same shit as everywhere else then. Asia and SEA is corruption hot spot. Govenrment who fights drugs, while having their own family importing big time and stuff like that. Keep on pushing and fighting....
Religion in Mongolia
Why you have so much hate? Mongolia is actually a nice country with really nice fucking people. One day I will visit again. It's also a democratic country while being surrounded by russia and china. J...
Yep. Problem is that that's actually their rulebook. To play out the match and the party which had a disadvantage can then file a complaint. So nip did everything according to the rulebook. Where does...
It's not going to be equal tho. The preparation that anonymo brought to the match and the surprise factor will be gone. NIP will be way better prepared since they have seen anonymo play out their whol...
Yep. a rematch would be trying to fix a mistake with an even bigger mistake. Flashpoint fucked up big time, but it's not possible to turn back time now and nip has to swallow the lower bracket. Tbh...