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AWPer Tier List - This is the "All time most legendary awpers" It may seem very obvious, but i'm sure someone will disagree xd
cadian wtf
Just shows that yolo works lmao
cadian wtf
G2 situation
The fix is obviously to stop niko from awping, cuz he's too good of a rifler to waste that skill on the damn awp. Also -amanek i guess or idk, they just need a good dedicated awper, but i have no idea...
d0cc lmfao also mertz is kinda long gone, dont know what happened to him
G2 -Niko +KennyS
you are fucking stupid, they were shit for a long time, before niko joined
(Ex-)Pro Players your can't hate.
Name a team and I kick the bots in it
he's just delusional BOT talking about who to kick rofl
Name a team and I kick the bots in it
It's so clear that people have no idea, they're just talking nonsense. I agree so much, Twistzz was NOT kicked, he left himself because he didn't see motivation in the team anymore. He's beast now so ...
CsGo players that get too much hate for no reason.
I honestly feel bad for Sunny, he was an absolute monster, then he just disappeared, idk where or why. And then he came back washed and looking like he's on drugs, wtf happened :\
Valve Neglecting CSGO once again...
Lol other games have lans back? no way, ofc cs won't get it back yet, f*cking idiots
(Ex-)Pro Players your can't hate.
More like: Pasha, TaZ, Fallen, F0rest :)
Why the hell would they make more money? VaLULrant is basically NA only & nobody even watches that shit KEKW
Dream car garage
Yeah man it's so sick! I found it not so long ago and I fell in love hahaha
Dream car garage
Honda Civic Type R (newest) Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Mercedes AMG GTR Cupra Formentor VZ some Lexus SUV idk :D