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experience is overrated
Pretty obvious he couldn't compete in tier 1 (FaZe) and had downgrade to mouz, which isn't really a tier 1 team or at the very least doesn't clash with Astralis/Navi/Vitality too often.
experience is overrated
cerq proud of u !!!
GOAT of cs
Neo wasn't relevant in CSGO as much as devve and f0rest.
The next one
Who knows...
goat of csgo [poll]
Not to mention NiKo was better than him in 2017. Niko never out of the top 10, while botzera stopped being relevant as soon as he stopped playing in a team oriented around making him shine and no TACO...
goat of csgo [poll]
Tf is fraudzera doing there LMAO device is the GOAT, s1mple is the BOAT.
G2 want s1mple
Idiotic little kiddies still think this is 2017, when stacking firepower kind of mattered, but even then not really.
G2 want s1mple
Fraudzera was never as good as people though, in fact he's one of the most overrated players of all time. But yeah, firepower won't get you top 1 nowadays and definitely won't get you consistency.
assetto corsa
Aight dude, but you provide me my Ferrari, flight to a world-renowned racing track, infinite fuel and tires and no danger of dying in a crash. Such a dumb thing to say.
ZywOo about dev1ce
Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension, more like you tried to play off your fail as if you meant something else, except you still explained the exact same thing. Device is far more mocked and pu...
ZywOo about dev1ce
It doesn't take a fanboy to realize saying device is overrated is a complete retard take. Go back to looking at some reddit highlights and keep thinking it's that which makes a GOAT. Too small brain ...