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Zowie double click
sorry it'sd vaxes wait i give the link of the video it's all the staff of the creator of the zowie EC fk and S series they have create they own brand for mice
nop you play for france but in the end France win the WC but you stay a nigger for ever for them :o
Zowie double click
go xtrfy m4 !!! really good mouse, excellent support client if you have one problem. or wait the new voxee brand
csgo fps not stable
it's look like the AC of faceit have an access to the disk at this time and make a sutter freeze a this moment i have install it on my back up HDD and no problems now for me
make envy stronk
never said he don't deserve respect and put some crazy clutch in big matches. but he is not a great IGL
make envy stronk
nitro igl !!!! go listen the thorin video about that and you gonna discover it's 12 month nitro don't lead and even his lead was shit and just based on skills of his 4 mates
My mom
send me some money forest
russians come
normal this bumsh don't have internet at home and need to play in cyber kebab coffee
My mom
and we have the forest gump of the thread !!!!!1
My mom
is not illegal to sex his mom, i sex her a lot and i'm not in trouble
2 sens 400 dpi users come
even more i have xtrfy m4 for the real men who know
aim test
you can give me a 6 mini for this
xantares fat????
still a brazilian trans for me
aim test
small feet = small peepee Harvard science fact owned Umad connor PS: the fact you need to check on internet the avg of size of feet in europe, just show how you are insecure small peepee. a real al...