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Came back stronger than ever, we're in the best shape rn, super motivated, best results, best threads, best comments!!!
#WforIntel (winners)

My HLTV record: 50+ wins - 1 loss (irrelevant loss)
Bans: 5 bans overall, 1 ip ban for 1 week, super irrelevant cuz i only created thread about N-word.

Fun facts:
ZywOo > s1mple.
Intel > AMD.
Conor > Khabib.

Proofs that:
10600KF > 5600X:
10900F > 5900X:
Plus check prices :)

ZywOo won trilogy vs s1mple officially in 2020.
2019 ZywOo > s1mple.
2020 ZywOo > s1mple.
2 - 0 in favor of ZywOo, congrats, champ.

Motivated shox - highest peak in CS:GO (c) fact.
shox CSS G.O.A.T (c) fact.
shox was first to achieve MVP award despite losing in finals (c) fact : DH Valencia 2014.
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